Black Sabbath @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, 17th April ’16 – Across The Ocean

Black Sabbath @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, 17th April ’16

Black Sabbath! The End! Well, well, well it all boils down to this after forty seven years of touring, writing and recording Black Sabbath play their final show.


It was hard to know what to expect from this show but boy oh boy was this show epic beyond all proportions. Having missed out on previous tours this show has more than made up for it leaving a positive memory seeing Black Sabbath at the top of their game.

Adelaide turned out on mass to celebrate the career of Black Sabbath and was pleasing to see fans of all ages appreciating these legends put on one hell of a rock show. Support act Rival Sons had massive shoes to fill with most not interested or wanting to see these guys waiting in anticipation of the main act. These guys are superb and played a top notch set packed full of 70s inspired rock with notable songs Electric Man, Pressure And Time, Where I’ve Been, Open My Eyes and Keep On Swinging to get the crowd well and truly warmed up.

Once the clock struck eight thirty five the lights dropped and it was a heroes like welcome as the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommu, Geezer Butler and Tommy Clufetos took to the stage to open with the aptly titled intro Black Sabbath. Ozzy yelled “Let’s go fucking crazy” before ripping in to Fairies Wear Boots. There was a slight memory fade by Ozzy trying to recall the number of shows played here saying “2002 no, 1971… we’re here to play our final run of shows”. After Forever, Snowblind were great which was followed by Ozzy revving up the crowd saying “let me hear you say yeah, three times, you guys beat Perth” [of course we did!].

War Pigs sent the crowd in to hyper drive proving to be one of many highlights followed by Behind The Wall Of Sleep featuring the WASP intro. Any doubts about Ozzy’s voice or whether the band are still up for it were well and truly dismissed and this show exceeded expectations and will go down as one of the year’s best. Ozzy around the stage with energy and gusto even dropping to his knees to worship the crowd and continuing checking in asking the crowd whether they were having a good time. Lucky those being showered in water throw out by Ozzy drenching those down front cooling things down a tad.

I loved Hand Of Doom and the drum solo in Rat Salad was up their as one of the best I’ve seen. There was plenty more left in the tank with Iron Man, Dirty Woman and Children Of The Grave to bring the main set on home. When you’re having fun it was surprising how quickly time flew by. From back stage Ozzy yelled “I can’t fucking hear you, yell one more song, go fucking crazy!”

Go crazy is what they did from the opening chords of their monster hit Paranoid with the mosh pit going off and people upstairs going off to. Wow! It really doesn’t get any better than that and sadly that was the end! With the band taking the final bows to a much appreciative crowd it was a fitting way to reflect on an amazing forty seven years for Black Sabbath. It was definitely a privilege seeing this band going out on top. If you haven’t got a ticket – beg, steal, borrow or otherwise you’ll regret missing this one.

Set List

Black Sabbath
Fairies Wear Boots
After Forever
Into The Void
War Pigs
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (with Wasp Intro)
N.I.B (with Bassically intro)
Hands Of Doom
Rat Saald (with drum solo)
Iron Man
Dirty Woman
Children Of The Grave


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