Yours & Owls Festival 2018 – Across The Ocean

Yours & Owls Festival 2018

Yours & Owls have grown from a small coffee shop to a promotion and management company, and they are proud to celebrate their 7th festival this year.

On the 29th and 30th of September Across The Ocean attended Yours & Owls Festival at Stuart Park in Wollongong. The 2 day festival took us through an amazing line up including the bands you know and love Peking Duck, Alison Wonderland and Angus and Julia Stone.

The vibe was awesome this year as you explored the festival grounds, there was a red mother ball pit and they were handing out free mother to all festival goers.

When we got to Yours & Owls Festival there were fans eagerly waiting for the gates to open, and everyone was excited to see their favourite bands play. There was a cool breeze as the festival located on the water front and perfectly blue skies which set a great mood for all festival goers.

The first band of the day was Clews, and they played on the restless stage. This was a local Sydney act that sang with big choruses and made your heart explode with excitement.

After this I watched Boytoy, as they also performed on the Restless Stage and they put on a fantastic show. This band believes that you should draw influence from everyone when you write music and you could defiantly see it shine through in their music. The crowd were jumping and you could already tell it was going to be a fantastic day.

Next up was Alice Ivy, on Jung stage. Alice delivered great music as her style is influenced by Dance, Funk, Hip Hop and Electronic. Alices biggest influence are “The Avalanches”. As Alice started in 2016 she released 2 singles “Touch and Almost Here” which received over 900,000 views on Spotifiy. The Triple J uneathered star really knew how to work the audience and put on a show full of energy and fun.

On day two we rocked up for another fantastic day at Yours and Owls in Wollongong. We watched so many bands on this day including The Rolling Blackouts the “Tough Pop, Soft Punk” band put on a amazing show. The band sound like The Cure so if you like The Cure I recommend checking out The Rolling Blackouts.

We also checked out Tropical Fuck Storm from Melbourne as they label themselves as epic art, punk and psych they put on a maniac show. The fans were in the zone and they loved the music they were hearing.

Across The Ocean watched a lot of bands this weekend including, Tiny Little Houses, Touch Sensitives, Step Panther, Luca Brasi, Ocean Alley & Polaris.

Peking Duk took the main stage and the show was amazing, everyone was here for this act and were dancing and going crazy to this music. They performed their hits “Wasted” and “Reprisal”. Peking Duk formed in 2010 they have taken the world and Yours and Owls festival by storm, as they delived a full set of Electro House and Alternative.

Alison Wonderland formed in 2015 and she delivers a party to every stage, as she takes you into a world of Electro Pop your night will always go off with a bang. Alison Wonderland has released two studio albums “Run” and “Awake” and has captured the hearts of her fans on a global scale.

Yours & Owls Festival was a fantastic festival, with world class act and an amazing atmosphere. It is great to see a festival supporting small and big bands. I cannot wait to see the line up of next years festival and to rock out again.

Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

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