Max & Iggor Cavalera @ Big Top, 22nd September ’17 – Across The Ocean

Max & Iggor Cavalera @ Big Top, 22nd September ’17

Max and Iggor took the stage at Luna Park Big Top Sydney on the weekend to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their album the “Roots” that was played in its entirety.

The support act was Skindred and the venu was packed with fans waiting for the album everyone had been longing to hear.

In 1995 Sepultura released their 5th album “Roots”,  this album changed the face of Sepultras music and was known as Nu-Metal. When they brought this album out it brought in a lot more new fans, and after 21 years Max and Iggor decided to come back and perform if once more for their new and old fans which everyone was really excited about. When we asked Max and Iggor what fans can expect from their show they said “I think it’s going to be a really energetic and exciting show, we have been going for about two years, so I think the crowd should be very special and we are closing in Australia.”

Skindred are a reggae metal band that formed in 1998, their music is a cross of heavy metal riffs, reggae and hip hop.  Skindred took the stage and were energetic and engaged with the crowd, they told everyone to jump along to their songs and the whole audience rocked with them. Benji got everyone to take off a piece of clothing and do the ball helicopter, this is where you hold up a piece of clothing and spin it around in the air like helicopter blades. Skindred played a vast amount of songs with almost no breaks in between to try and fit as many songs in as possible.  He captured the crowd’s attention and kept it for the whole act, I can’t wait to go and see them again.

After Skindred Max and Iggor took the stage and everyone was excited for them to start. They started their set with the song “Roots Bloody Roots” and played their album in order of their CD.  The crowd moved closer as Max and Iggor took the stage and fans started singing and moshing along. The fans standing near the front of the stage were packed together tightly but fans were still singing and head banging over the front barriers. At the end of the night Max and Iggor performed ‘Ace Of Spades’ in tribute to Lemmy, it was a moving experience and everyone rocked on with all their might, the fans were holding their hands up in the air doing the devil horns it was a true metal gig!

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