Incubus @ Hordern Pavilion, 17th March ’18 – Across The Ocean

Incubus @ Hordern Pavilion, 17th March ’18

On Saturday March 17th Incubus played in the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, for one of the many shows around Australia.

When I rolled up to the venue there were Incubus fans everywhere waiting for an experience they would remember forever to hit the stage!

As soon as Incubus came on stage the crowd roared and they started playing “Love in a Time of Surveillance” off their newest album 8. The next song they played was”Warning” and the crowd cheered with excitement.

Then Brandon says to the audience “Thank You For Being Here Tonight” and everyone screamed. To which they responded by playing Nimble Bastard and Glitterbomb which are off their latest album 8, which was released in 2017.

Incubus then proceeded to play Anna Molly, Megalomaniac and Paper Shoes one right after the other and the crowd went crazy and sung along to every word without missing a beat!

Most bands have a song that have have covered from one of the greats, and Incubus are no exception as they started playing their rendition of “Wish You Were Here” with snippets of Pink Floyd’s version of the song. They then proceded to play “State of the Art” and “Pardon Me”.

Mike opened the next song “Circles” with a awesome guitar riff and the fans cheered with enthusiasm as Brandon started singing. After the song he says “Thank You” to his fans and started singing “Echo” followed by the songs “Pantomime” and then”Loneliest”.

It was obvious that everyone knew the next song which was “Sick Sad Little World” as the audience started swaying along and enjoying every moment.

They then played “Talk Shows on Mute” that faded in and out of the song “Need You Tonight” by INXS, which was followed by the song “No Fun”.

The band walked off stage and the crowd slowly got louder as they screamed for an encore. When Incubus walked back on stage the crowd was deafening and they played two more songs which were “Are You In” and”Drive” which was one of Incubus biggest songs of all time to finish off a awesome night. Incubus played so many foot tappers from there whole career and the crowd loved it!

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