Battlesnake New Album + Australian Tour

Battlesnake New Album + Australian Tour

The rise of Battlesnake continues as they forge their path out of from the underworld and across this earthly realm to deliver the fourth sermon from their forthcoming new magnum opus.

The Key of Solomon is a straight up classic heavy metal song. A lumbering, thunderous riff straight from the book of Sabbath, epic 70’s soloing and that unmistakable Battlesnake sermon vocal delivery!

Of the track, Battlesnake state; A ghastly sorceress who dwells in the catacombs of the Motorsteeple. Brewing potions and drawing pentagrams as she recites ‘the lesser key of Solomon’. She is the abbeys navigator. Long Live The Dungeon Witch!”

Listen to The Key Of Solomon here:

Another wicked music video will accompany this track and will go live on the bands YouTube channel on Thursday, May 9. Subscribe now and be the first to see it upon its release!

The Key Of Solomon follows previous singles, Pangea Breaker, Motorsteeple and
Alpha and Omega showcasing just whats to be expected on Battlesnake’s upcoming new album, 
The Rise and Demise of the Motorsteeple due for release on the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, Friday June 21.

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Keeping their promise to make 2024 their biggest year yet, Battlesnake have confirmed their first ever tour across the UK and Europe this May taking in The UK, Belgium & the Netherlands . Upon their return from Europe, Battlesnake will dive headfirst into their ALBUM TOUR around the nation!


Fri, June 21: The Northern, Byron Bay
Sat, June 22: Valley Loft, Brisbane
Sun, June 23: Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast
Fri, June 28: King St Bandroom, Newcastle
Sat, June 29: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Sun, June 30: La La La’s, Wollongong
Fri, July 5: The Night Cat, Melbourne
Sat, July 6: Jive, Adelaide

Mortals tremble, all hail Battlesnake!

Forged deep in the fiery pits of the underworld, Battlesnake have risen up to take the earth by storm….

And what a storm is has been. Just over 18 months ago they were playing at a small, sweaty dive bar in Sydney on a Sunday night. By August of 2022 they were opening for the hottest band in the world,KISS and in April of this year they were hypnotising crowds nationwide, leaving jaws on the floor as they opened for The Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction.

Turning industry heads at both BigSound and SXSW late last year, Battlesnake signed a management deal with Lemon Tree Music and joined booking agents Lonely Lands Agency, for Australia and FMLY for the UK.

The lovechild of QueenTenacious DJudas Priest and King Gizzard, Battlesnake are a unique beast within the Australian music scene. The cult metallers knocked at the door of what all underdogs dream of but few ever experience.. and it opened.

The Rise and Demise of the Motorsteeple is the instant classic that no self respecting fan of rock n roll can live without…
Maiden and Saxon-esque twin guitar harmonies – check
Etherial Ghost like choruses – check
Crushing Sabbath riffage – check
Story telling that the great Dio would be proud of – check
Ominous acoustic breakdowns – check
Artwork forged in the fires of hell – check

The Rise and Demise of the Motorsteeplewill take you on an epic heavy metal journey down the road to oblivion and you’ll be crying for more.