The Tea Party @ The Thebbie, 11th October ’14 – Across The Ocean

The Tea Party @ The Thebbie, 11th October ’14

The Tea Party! Outstanding! All class!


Who would have thought that Canada’s finest trio The Tea Party would have reformed for some amazing shows in 2012?

Who would have thought that The Tea Party would be back in 2014 with another tour and even better still a new album aptly titled The Ocean At The End? Well, they’re back and thrilled Adelaide once again with ninety minutes packed full of awesome featuring most of the classic staples and a good slab of new tunes off the album. This was a great show and will go down as one of the best for 2014.

The Superjesus were an awesome choice for support who have been experiencing their own resurgence since reforming last year and make for a formidable pairing with The Tea Party. Sarah McLeod and Jeff Martin have forged a strong alliance touring together in recent times, so why not get their substantive bands on the same bill! The Superjesus rocked the “Thebbie” and they played like there was no tomorrow. They genuinely looked excited to be the opener and playing far bigger venues this time round. Saturation featured early with the set being focused on the singles and their greatest moments. Front woman Sarah McLeod recalled playing at Thebarton Theatre with Silverchair when they were “young kids” who had their Scalextric slot car set backstage then to their own headline tour in 1997 remarking that it was great to be back some fifteen years later playing the hits.

The set list was great featuring the likes of Secret Agent Man, Second Sun, Shut My Eyes and Gravity. Mcleod added that the band was just starting to “cook” implying they were just warmed up and ready to go longer. Their set ended with Down Again and it makes you wonder what could have been if they never split up. Fingers crossed they play some more home town shows in the summer.

The Tea Party hardly need an introduction calling Australia their second home as there is much love for these guys down under. The 2012 show was a special night beyond all proportions but this one was shaping up to be massive. Seats for a Tea Party gig seemed a little pointless as fans wanted to stand and get closer to the front but nevertheless it was on.

Thebarton Theatre was turned in to something majestic with a stunning light show and the illuminated backdrop featuring the album art work was great.

Opening with The L.O.C. set the tone for what was to follow. There were some almighty cheers for the familiar The Bazaar with the killer percussion opening before ripping in to some killer guitar riffs. Jeff Martin opening remarks “Oh so very familiar, I like this place. We have returned to you Adelaide”.

Martin also quipped, “Johnny Depp, nautical theme, The Black Sea, not bad! Don’t call me Johnny, captain maybe!” Pyschopomp was well received and as Martin suggested “if we couldn’t get things any darker”. It was a real treasure trove of greatness with Fire In The Head following which Martin eluded was about the native American in him and the interest in reading about shamanism .

Interestingly Martin also said that The Tea Party music was responsible for a few babies, not theirs, influenced by Lullaby. He also added “don’t try putting them to sleep to this as it fuck them up forever.” The use of the theramin was great and Waters On Fire was a great moment in the set. Martin described this song as one of most heartfelt and poignant that he has written acknowledging the crowd with a thank you with a stirring sing-a-long. Martin really shreds pulling out the sitar for the intro of Save Me before grabbing the Les Paul to knock this one over then morphing in to The Maker. The set closer doesn’t get any bigger than the cult and drugs inspired Temptation.

The band returned for an encore with Martin giving a master class in slide skills with a taster of Turn The Lamp Down Low before morphing in to the blues flavoured The Cass Corridor. Sister Awake was epic and a grand way to bring what was a great night to an end.

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