Kaosphere Gold Coast Metallers Debut “In Scars We Trust”

Kaosphere Gold Coast Metallers Debut “In Scars We Trust”

Gold Coast metal titans Kaosphere have dropped their punishing new album, In Scars We Trust today!

The album is also the first full length release for Australian rock label, XMusic.

After rattling heads with Chain BreakerWar Cry and the monstrous, May I – the band have also released a video for the track, Bring Out The Dead.

The track is about trying to live a modern life and how we take it for granted; we’re just waiting in line to die. Life is short so don’t waste it, we might as well have fun, because each day we roll the dice with death, nothing is guaranteed and certain. We have only a set amount of time on this earth, one day eventually death wins in the game of life.

Kaosphere have a lot to say on In Scars We Trust:

This album has a lot of different elements and styles, from groove metal to death to catchy hooks; hopefully something everyone can connect to. Chain Breaker is about domestic violence and breaking the cycle of abuse, which can be harder than people think, especially when the person enduring it has to move away to escape it. Sometimes, that’s the only way to break the chains, so to speak.

May I is about watching a friend or loved one self-destruct, whether it’s through addiction or just their bad decisions, trying to save them but being unable to because they simply don’t want to be helped.

The heavier and more aggressive War Cry captures the feeling of sitting in a trench during war time, thinking: am I going to see tomorrow, will I survive this? Moving forward into the face of gunfire, even though you watched your friends die in front of you, the fear and other strong, primal emotions this brings out. Our band has family members who have served in conflicts. War Cry captures the essence of what they had to endure and pays tribute to them

We wanted to make a statement on modern media and propaganda and how powerful it is, so we wrote two tracks, Hole In Your Head and Where’s Your God, the first about social media, the second about the manipulation of religion, but both make a statement on how the two have combined. The new religion of fear is in our phones, weaponised media to control the masses. It’s crazy just how powerful social media has become and the effect it’s having on us all, but especially the younger generations, which know nothing else.

This album is a lot more polished than our last recording. We learnt a lot in the process, didn’t rush anything, just took our time with it, and made it the best it could be. Hopefully this dedication and craftsmanship shows through in the listening experience. Kaosphere wants to take fans on a sonic journey, showcasing all we have to offer. We’re really happy with how the album came out and hopefully you all do too.

1 · Insomniac  
2 · Chain Breaker  
3 · Bring Out The Dead  
4 · May I  
5 · Don’t Be So Kind  
6 · Birth Of Conflict  
7 · Where’s Your God  
8 · War Cry    
9 · Alone  
10 · Hole In Your Head 

In Scars We Trust is available now!

“We are excited to release our first album on XMusic” Says Tim Mclean Smith, with many more to come in 2024 we start the next chapter of music and live shows, so keep an eye out and follow us!”
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There are still bands out there who prefer to bide their time and craft songs at their own pace for maximum effect. Bands that allow the music – not the market – to dictate terms. Gold Coast metal outfit Kaosphere is one such band.

Since bursting onto the Gold Coast scene in 2015 and debuting with their EP ‘Forsaking Shadows’ two years later, Kaosphere have preferred to plot a steady course through the murky waters of Australian metal.  Their self-titled follow up in 2018 acted as the pre-curser to a successful national tour, with EP single “All Is Lost” recently topping 175,000 streams on Spotify and climbing steadily. 

Not bad for an independent band who have not yet fully developed into the formidable force so obviously seeking to be unleashed. 

2023 saw Kaosphere draw sonic battle lines, already hitting the live circuit and supporting international rock outfit The Midnight Devils as well as securing a coveted spot at Wallapalooza 2023, headlined by COG, Babybeard, Butterfingers and 28 Days. And all of this without releasing any new material.

Which has just changed. ‘In Scars We Trust’ delivers on the bands promise of a shift in dynamics over the release of three singles culminating with the album release today!.

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XMusic was founded in 2020 by Tim Mclean Smith who has over 35 years of music industry experience, 25 years of which was spent with Sony Music Australia. 

XMusic is an independent music label which is part of the soon to be launched global Sports and Entertainment company, Xtreme Boxing Corporation. XMusic focuses on Australian artist development and entertainment on a global scale with a roster of new exciting artists include Audio Reign, Cicadastone, Kaosphere, Sisters Doll, Wayward Kings, Whiteford, Wicked Things and XCalibre.