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Band Of Skulls @ The Hi Fi Bar, 20th June ’14

It’s a Friday night, winter has taken it’s first real bite and its as good a night as any to be squashed up against numerous humans soaking up some rock n roll.


This was precisely the scenario inside Hi-Fi Bar as an eager crowd assembled to welcome Southhampton’s Band Of Skulls. Having wowed the masses a couple of years back with their powerful Splendour set they are back in the country for a second visit, this time in support of new album ‘Himalayan‘.


With three studio albums already tucked under their belt, fans were this evening treated to an evenly distributed mix of the old and new.

Opening track off HimalayanAsleep At The Wheel‘ also gets the ball rolling tonight, with the trademark vocal interplay between frontman Russel Marsden and bassist Emma Richardson evident from the get go.


The disco-esque ‘I Know What I Am‘ and a jarring ‘Patterns‘ are notable early highlights from debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey whilst seldom played Sweet Sour track ‘Wanderluster’ gets a rare and highly appreciated airing.


Heavily bearded drummer Matt Hayard pounds an extended drum intro into the aptly titled ‘Bruises’ before the intensity drops back several notches with a sparse rendition of ‘Nightmares‘ and an epic jammed out ‘Blood’. These mellow moments provided a bit of necessary respite for both audience and band alike in the build up to the tribal groove of humourously titled ‘Hoochie Goochie‘, which seemed to trigger off a potentially troublesome mosh, with a few overzealous fans getting a little wild.


Despite having already put in the hard yards it seemed all and sundry wanted a little more and a three song encore was delivered that included a boisterous ‘Sweet Sour‘.


When it all ground to a halt after an hour and forty five minutes no one in the room could complain about a lack of value for money. Band Of Skulls delivered all the hits plus a few suprises, and did it all with grins permanently etched across their faces.

Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

Gavin Stocker

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