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Gum – “Delorean Highway”

Since late 2012, there has been talk of another side project from prolific psyche-pop purveyors Tame Impala/Pond in the form of a solo album from member Jay Watson aka Gum.


With the title track released well in advance, Delorean Highway is finally here in it’s entirety and it’s a paranoid, psychedelic trip well worth taking.

Leading in with a breathy sigh, and a sleepy languid beat, track one, Delorean Highway, delivers listeners gently into this blissed-out otherworld. With a dramatic climax, fueled by the cumulative droning of guitars and a crescendo of percussive madness, the title track is an apt introduction for the rest of this sometimes shoegaze-esque journey.

Growing Up is where the effortless 60’s pop progressions that characterise much of the album really kick in.

The airy vocals and haze of competing pedal effects back the paranoid, self-observing lyrics that theme much of the album. The Sky Opened Up is a little more up-tempo with a barrage of surf-rock licks that make for a contagious favourite.

Towards the middle of the album, Misunderstanding delivers a surprising cover of the old Genesis track and one can’t help but think it was probably the suspicion-fueled lyrics that really inspired the song’s inclusion amongst this set.

Summer Rain brings us a seemingly Beach Boys inspired syrupy power ballad, a stark contrast to the frenetic, rocky followup up that is 21st Century Radiation.

From here, the album continues it’s play off of fast-paced synth-pop against heart-felt ballads with Can’t See Past My Eyes delivering a sombre, harmonica tinged wrap-up.

All in all Delorean Highway is almost as trippy as the dream that Gum says inspired it’s title (driving the Delorean from film Back to the Future down a desert highway before it disappeared into the night – even though Gum can’t drive). It’s a cruisey curation of sounds that culminate into something distinct, so here’s hoping he finds time amongst his many musical commitments to bring us more from this outfit in the future.

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Kat Gilbert

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