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Crystal Waters is renowned for some big nineties dance hits such as Gypsy Woman and 100% Pure Love. Crystal Waters is jumping on the Vengaboys juggernaut which is about to hit Australian shores for one massive tour. Across The Ocean spoke to Crystal about the upcoming tour.


What a phenomenal line up the Vengaboys are bringing to Australia, must be a huge buzz? Ticket sales have gone through the roof!

Oh really? That’s good to hear! I’m looking forward to coming down to Australia for a couple of weeks or so. I love Australia and the people, I feel very comfortable when I get there and when I travel it is about you meet and talk to. Sightseeing is really nice but it is about the people and friendships you make. I haven’t been on a tour like this with several acts in a while so this is going to be fun.

Does the connection with the Vengaboys go back a fair way?

No, I remember doing two shows in the mid nineties and that was the last time I heard from them so this will be kind of a reunion. I’ve done quite a few shows with Whigfield which were great.

The concept what is old is essentially new again is bandied about quite a lot. Even though you’re still making new music is this how you feel about some of your older stuff?

Yeah, the nineties are back, I can feel it. Even straight up house music is back and I’m quite happy about it. I just keep writing because I still have a fan base and house music has never gone away maybe gone away from radio but there is still a base of people that are in to that type of music.. I’d like to come back in the nineties because what they told us what we were doing was bullshit and not real music. For it to come back now and see the EDM grow and grow validates what we did back then. This is an exciting time right…

Do you feel like saying to those people in your face?

Yeah, they called me a one hit wonder so it is kind of nice to not be that. After all these years, it has been twenty five years, maybe I have done something good in this lifetime, that’s what it feels like.

One hit wonder? Really? Are you serious?

This was back in the nineties when Gypsy first came out and they said I would never be any more than one single, that’s what I was referring to. I’ve been lucky to have several more after that.

After all the success you’ve had with singles does it frustrate you with all the challenges in the music industry today?

When everything switched over and everything collapsed I thought it would be about independent labels. It is a weight of the shoulders knowing the money split is fifty fifty as opposed to eighty twenty and you get a lot more control. It is a lot more satisfying having the money coming directly to you so it is a nice little trade off. I’m liking it, it is much better.

Is there a new album in the works?

Yeah, I have fourteen songs done and I’m planning to do four more before picking the best nine or ten. I have been focused on doing songs for other people but I’m planning to have the last four songs finished soon. It is such an instant world now and you can’t make it too long, you just have to hit people hard and quick and get out I think. As long as you have the material I can always get the vocals remixed and take a different angle.

When you’re writing do you find it easy to work out whether a song is better suited for you or someone else?

Everyone I work with it’s like I want you on it. So I have only been able to do one or two but I would love to write for other people. I haven’t found the right person to work with yet.

What is the secret to longevity?

I think everyone has their ups and downs, it’s not always good times or bad times! I really love what I do, I really love writing and I really love performing and I think that comes across in my shows. At the end of the day what else would I do? I’m not qualified to go and get a job so that’s what I do, I’m a song writer.

What sort of set can we expect to see on this tour? Will you tempted to unleash a new song in there?

I think it will be about three or four songs so that will be around twenty minutes unless they change it up but it will be focused on the hits. I would love to play a new song because I have one that went to number one on the Billboard Dance Charts called Synergy and I’d love to stick that in there. Sometimes you just need to feel the crowd out and see what’s going on. People just want to come along and sing-a-long to those songs. I’m going to give them what they want.

Would you come back and do your own tour?

Um, it’s not like I can say I want to come to Australia. I was just there in January and I did a couple of dates which turned out really good. I would love to come back with my dancers and full band to do something like that.

What’s next for Crystal Waters?

I have a new song coming out called Believe which I’m really excited about and we’re making a video for. I’m on tour now and out just about every weekend up until November with you guys. I’m busy! I have a bunch of side projects in the works.

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