Spectacles @ Spaceport 2, 4th July ’15 – Across The Ocean

Spectacles @ Spaceport 2, 4th July ’15

On a bitterly cold Saturday evening, The Cosmos Rock Lounge lures us into it’s welcoming embrace for Spaceport 2.


With loungechairs and delectable soup, it is the ideal environment to absorb the campfire warmth of Little Hart. Perpetually self promoting, this enchanting folky six piece is heavy on beards and seductive melodies. Bringing to mind the likes of Iron And Wine and Midlake their beautiful songs soon have the sitting crowd into a trance. Such was the respect a nearby chatter was forcibly shooshed. Featuring an enticing combination of husky Tom Waits vocals with a couple of sublime female crooners, delightful cello lines and sparse percussion, Little Hart are all over us like a 45 minute snuggle.

Coming from a completely different musical realm, Bones Jones And The Skeletones are soon up and ambushing us. Theatrically donning skeletal make up, their freewheeling fusion of surf, blues and punk provide a rollicking wave that has all and sundry up and moving. Despite the death related attire this is seriously fun music and the perfect transition into the juggernaut that is Spectacles.

As with any Spectacles performance, the energy crackles from the get-go.


With numerous musical toys incorporated into their show, it is always a sonic adventure that teeters on a chaotic precipice. Dripping passion and fervour, dual frontmen Hamish and DA Carter always make for engaging entertainment.


Hamish is the gangly torrent of flying dreads, the diminutive DA Carter headshaven, bespectacled and weighed down by sometimes unidentifiable gadgets. Whilst coming across as somewhat of an odd couple, the duo coalesce their rapid fire rhymes seamlessly.


Less animated but an intrinsic part of the band’s power, the frontmen are provided a snappy foundation from the relentlessly chugging rhythm section. Powering through a mixture of new tracks and old Spectacles faves such as Ghost Town, What Is Music? and Disconnected, the band’s energy is contagious and dancefloor shenanigans ensue.


For reasons unknown, a girl swigs my beer then spits it all over my brand new white shirt. That was confusing. As with a lot of hip- hop inspired acts Spectacles usually convey a serious message in their tunes, often with a political inclination. But beneath this lies plentiful frivolity and as a result it is difficult not to have a good time at one of their shows.


Back out into the cold night air, I departed a happy man. Beer stained shirt or not, I considered myself lucky to be in attendance this evening.

Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

Gavin Stocker

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