Hilltop Hoods @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, 16th April ’16 – Across The Ocean

Hilltop Hoods @ Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre, 16th April ’16

In the words of home town boys Hilltop Hoods I had the chance to catch this dynamite show literally from up in the nosebleed section.

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The Entertainment Centre was buzzing being sold out for weeks and weeks which is great to see. The floor was packed with people scurrying to get the best vantage point. There were many a discussion about whether this was the biggest crowd they had ever played to by combining forces with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir. Sounds like a winner to me.

It was a tough job for the supports DJ Total Eclipse and AB Original (Briggs and Trials from the Funkoars) as most were only there to see the Hilltops. Adelaide folk are parochial and the chant before they came on was great – “Hilltops, Hilltops, Hilltops” – if that’s not enough to get anyone revved up I don’t know what will. This gig was unlike no other with a orchestra and a choir at the ready for one almighty show.

The energy of this show was really something. Ordinarily hip-hop is not my cup of tea but it was not to be impressed. Suffa and Pressure blitz around the stage like hyped up teenagers tearing through opener Higher then Chase The Sun. It was some brief intros (like they need any introduction) before continuing on with Drinking from The Sun. Suffa commented “gee, you guys are loud” before pulling out well known classic The Hard Road. The band praised their hometown devotees saying Adelaide sold out first prompting some supportive cheers.

One thing with Hilltop Hoods there are no weak points in their set as there was hit after hit and their fans know the words inside out. Lights Out and I Love It are a testament to that and combining with this ensemble is just sensational. First guest Maverick Sabre joined the Hoods for Live And Let Go and Won’t Let You Down followed by Montaigne on 1955, both guests were well received. Speaking Tongues had a strong message and then the band said they weren’t playing Nosebleed Section to then saying, just messing with you. It went off! Through The Dark was a major highlight dedicated to Pressure’s son who made it through his battle with cancer. What made it an emotional one was everyone getting the mobile phones out and turning on the light and holding them in the air, awesome stuff. The Hilltop Hoods are humble and many times they thank the hometown crowd getting them to where they are today.

Suffa and Pressure remarked about how much fun they were having with an orchestra and choir and Shredding The Balloon was like taking a trip down memory lane. The encore, wow, talk about epic! Cosby Sweater kicked it off with special appearance from Golden Era family member K21. The crowd was excitable and were jumping around with both Pressure and Suffa feeding off this energy. Not to be forgotten down back DJ Debris was keeping things chugging along like a well oiled machine on the decks. The night closed with Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom and proving yet again why they are on top of their game.

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