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Watch out for the Screaming At Demons who are set to make the presence felt over the coming months as they finish off their debut album. This band is hot property with killer single Rockstar which has been donated to a worthy charity doing great things but to top it off the band enlisted the help of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith in the studio. Shimon Moore completes a quick Q&A with Across The Ocean to bring Australian fans up to speed on this hot new prospect.


Are you excited about what music challenges 2016 has in store for you?

Absolutely! We had more going on before most people had started back to work this year.

Screaming At Demons sounds like an exciting new band – do you feel revitalised fronting this band?

More than you can imagine. These guys are top shelf players and people. I’m also really looking forward to fronting the band without a guitar for some songs since Russell is such a brilliant player.

How different is this band compared to the Sick Puppies?

The good thing about fronting this band is that all of the pivotal pieces of the puppies that I brought in my old music, are naturally showing themselves in this new music. But now I’m working with two new fresh people who are bringing elements I have always wanted to work with musically. I hope that Puppies fans are satisfied. I am more satisfied and happy than I’ve ever been.

Was it a tough decision to leave Sick Puppies?

I didn’t actually get a chance to leave the puppies! LOL. We were in the process of figuring it out and I woke up to a post on Facebook that they were auditioning a new singer. A lot of time has passed since then and I hope it works out for them using the name. As for me I’m doing fine.

Was it the right time to move on and do something new?

I guess it had to be. HA! No I had been in that band exclusively for fifteen years and devoted and sacrificed everything for it. In retrospect it probably was the right time.

How did you meet your bass player Chris?

We met at a Fancy Hollywood Hills party. We both came for the free food and left with a song writing session booked the next week. After about three weeks of hanging I asked him to be in the band.

When Chris mentioned he reached out to Chad Smith what did you think? Did you think it was a bit pie in the sky?

A little but Chris made out like it wasn’t a big deal so I just sort of shrugged and went “Call me when he says go fuck yourself”. The next day Chris is like “He can do it Tuesday”… After I picked up my heart from the bottom of my chest I booked the studio and we cut that week.

When Chris said reach out what did he do to convince Chad to come down and play?

They are old friends so it actually wasn’t a big deal. Chad is just like the guy down the street who plays drums. You can call him anytime and if he’s free, he’s down for whatever. He just happens to also be a hall of fame rock star.

What was it like working with Chad?

Pretty Daunting. Russell and I produce all the S.A.D Music ourselves and I was on drum production that day, which means I met Chad… then walked into the control room and told him what to do on my song. VERY STRANGE!

What was the biggest thing you learnt from Chad?

I learned I need to man up faster in those situations because my sheepishness actually cost us time. I should have just been pro and told him straight forward “no that’s not it, it’s more like this” But I was so shy I just kept saying it’s great before we’d even started working on the song!

Did he give you any insight about the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Just that they have been working on a record. But everyone knows that. We mostly talked about our families before the holiday pandemonium.

What are the chances of Chad joining you on tour?

Can’t say. I want the Red Hot Chili Peppers direct support slot so I’ll be rallying for that next. He doesn’t know that yet though!

Do you guys keep in touch?

Chris is good mates with him.

What is the story behind the song Rockstar?

Rockstar was written to benefit Homeless rockstars. It’s not available on Itunes or spotify. You can only get it by donating to the charity at or texting “rockstar” to 91999

Really awesome that you’re donating proceeds to the Homeless Rockstar Charity – are you actively involved in the charity?

The band has donated the song. The next single will be helping raise awareness for domestic abuse. I will keep an eye on Nigel with Homeless Rockstars as it builds into whatever it’s gonna be, but the band wants to make sure we do things to help as many people from different walks of life.

How would you describe Screaming At Demons sound?


Are you planning to tour extensively? Is Australia in the mix?

Australia is in the plans. We are planning to do as much touring as we can as soon as the next single is dropped. But that’s a couple of months maybe. Still no sure date. We will let you know.

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