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Peta And the Wolves

Peta And The Wolves is an exciting Aussie prospect. Splitting her time between Stockholm and Melbourne the Australian born artist does it all singing, playing keys, writing and producing her own brand of electronic music reflective of those surrounds. Two tracks that will no doubt gain attention are Verbal Wars and Snow are being released simultaneously. Peta shares a few words through a Q&A with Across The Ocean.


Is it an exciting time building up to the release of the single Verbal Wars

The single has been a long time coming. I’m really excited about letting it out into the world.

Have you been encouraged by the response so far by people coming to shows or discovering you over the internet? 

Having been so immersed in the writing process, you never know how the lyrics will resonate with the audience. I am always very honest with my songwriting, so when I hear that people have emotionally connected to it… moves me… its why I love making music.

How have the shows gone so far?  

We will be starting shows in Stockholm next month, super excited about it.

How did Peta And The Wolves song writing partnership start?

Peta met The Wolf at the Kennel, Stockholm whilst working in another session. By chance she heard his production in another room being played and was blown away instantly. She then scheduled a writing session with him the next day and the rest is history. He quickly became The Wolf.

What influenced the band name?

My grandmother used to look after me when I was little and always arrived with cake and cartoons. My favourite movie was the old Disney cartoon of Peter and the Wolf, I was fascinated by the epic music from the famous Russian Sergei Prokofiev.

I always envisaged showcasing different producers and co-producing. Whilst I was working and writing in London, I had a session with the brilliant Grammy award winner writer and producer, Jimmy Napes (Sam Smith). At the beginning of our session Jimmy opened up a new project and named it “Peta and the Wolves”, I thought “That’s it”….it just felt right, it was the name to my vision.

How would you describe the band’s sound? 

So many influences, so hard to define or pigeonhole into one genre or another. The one thing we are is electronic fusion and the music is constantly evolving, as you will hear with the forthcoming singles.

Are there any significant influences that you both share? 

In contrast, we both love classical music. The wolf is a brilliant violinist, so we have been known to break out into classical opera when we need a break from our own music in rehearsals. We both have contrasting influences which makes it so exciting working together.

Was the process of writing and recording your debut as hard/difficult as you thought? 

I would like to say that it miraculously happened in 5 minutes, but we wrote, rewrote, produced, produced again, recorded and recorded several more times and then went back to the original, it was a frustratingly great process!

Is it tough splitting your time between Stockholm and Melbourne?

I am really fortunate to be able to be able to make this EP in Stockholm. The team at The Kennel have become my family away from home and have supported me throughout my creative process, however it can get lonely at times out here on my own, but that is the catalyst for this EP. The hardest part is being without my family. I’m really looking forward to coming back to Australia later this year.

Are there a lot of lessons you can take from this in to the next recording experience? 

‘If its not broken, don’t try to fix it….trust your instinct’

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far?

Creativity cannot be forced like emotion can’t be faked.

Are you looking to expand your horizons and tour overseas? Where would you focus?  

Starting in Stockholm next month…hope to be back in Australia in summer.

What’s the plan from here? Is there another EP or album in the works?

I hope so, I’ve already started writing the next EP.  Writing music is my greatest joy so I’m going to just keep doing it.

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