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Nantes are doing a quick whip around the country in support of their new mini album aptly titled Limbo. These lads have an incredibly bright future on the strength so far of the singles Unsatisfy, Drones and Avid. Across The Ocean caught up with David Rogers for a quick Q&A to find out a little more about these guys.


What’s the latest for the band?

We have just released a “mini” LP called Limbo.

Interesting band name, how did that come about?

In the beginning when there were four of us, we hardly would agree on anything. Let alone a band name. So this was the one we hated the least.

Were you all mates before starting the band? How did you get together?

We’ve been friends since early high school. We have always wanted to play in a band, but we couldn’t figure out how to do that. I eventually wrote a couple of shitty tunes that we could all play together.

Do you feel like the momentum is really starting to building for the band?

I wouldn’t know. We are happy to be able to do what we do. We love writing recording and playing music. That is the whole reason we do it.

Do you think YouTube video clip views gives you a idea of how much interest there is?

Not really, I think the best way to gauge interest is to see how many people are at your shows.

Did you ever think it would be so much of a slog to get where you are now?

It was actually heaps easier than i thought.

Is it the sort of thing that you have to keep reassessing where you want to be and what is/isn’t important?

The main reason that I do this is still the main thing. Everything else is peripheral.

Are you excited about this tour?

Yeah we are very excited to get back on the road. It’s been way too long.

Is Adelaide going to get a look in next time?

We would love to get back to Adelaide. There’s such a great scene down there and a lot of good bands doing good things.

The single 7 – is there a story behind that?

This was the catalyst for the whole record. It was written in about twenty minutes and embodies what Nantes is today.

How would you describe the mini album?

I would describe it as a complete body of work. Its a record that should be listened to from start to finish. To me it’s a single entity that requires a listen to all the tracks for it to be understood.

Beyond this tour what are the plans for Nantes?

We are always writing, so we will continue to do that.

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