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Classic rock band Graveyard from Gothenburg, Sweden are preparing for the release of album number four Innocence & Decadence. Graveyard are not strangers to our shores having toured as part of Soundwave and are looking to tour Australia again to support the album release. Across The Ocean talks to Jonatan Ramm from the band in a quick interview about all the latest goings on in the band.

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How exciting is it for the band with the new album Innocence & Decadence ready to drop?

What day is it! Very soon!

Is it a weird period of time because you’re literally waiting in limbo until the album comes out?

It is like you say when you’re waiting in between things but it is nice to have some time to remember and try to get the new songs worked on properly before touring, so it is alright.

Was this album a labour of love?

I think this time we had to focus a lot and we took some time off to write this record. So we were just at home writing and rehearsing songs then recording them over the months of March and April over one week in each month. We have been playing a few shows since then but otherwise it has been pretty calm this summer with not as many festivals.

Is that something that is hard to do writing new songs whilst you’re on the road touring?

It is too hard to at least make a whole album and I don’t think anyone could find the peace to work on new songs. Sometimes when we jam around and play around we do come up with new stuff on tour but it is mostly at home.

Did you do anything differently in terms of the process of making Innocence & Decadence?

We pretty much did things the same way when we wrote the songs, sometimes one of us may write the song or bring a riff and we work on that. The guys are always playing around with the different parts of a new song and that’s fun to do. The main focus is to do something that we feel right about.

Was it clear with the direction you wanted to take the album?

Very much, we never had a plan or a goal set with our new songs or record. The focus was on doing the best songs that we can. What comes out is hopefully fun to play and that others like it to. Then comes managers and the record label who want to have a discussion about the songs, what order the songs are in but otherwise we are clear to do whatever we feel like.

Does it get frustrating when others get involved and start having a say about what you do with your music?

Yeah but at the same time it is nice to have some help with that stuff. When you’re in the middle of it and finished making a record you don’t really know what is up or down or what is good because you are so affected by working with those particular songs. Some of those songs might have been hard to get down or would require a lot of takes then it doesn’t feel as good as what it could have been. We’re fortunate to be working with people that give us the space to do what we like.

Is it hard letting go of songs or the album when it is down and that you really can’t add that much more?

It is, this time we actually had less time in the studio to record the songs. The songs were recorded ninety percent live with some of the vocals and other parts put down separately. We didn’t have much time to polish the songs after so it is pretty much how it came out in that moments.

A few rough edges are ok aren’t they?

I think so, when you listen to something that you enjoy and think what that is like and is it supposed to be like that it makes you think that no one is perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect and if you’re able to catch the right vibe when you’re recording the song that’s what you want.

Did you have plenty of songs left over from the recording sessions?

We had a couple of songs left over but one of them was very fast and was more us experimenting in the studio, so we didn’t use that one. The other we kicked off the album and didn’t really fit. They might be a b-side, not really sure yet because we haven’t got that far in to the discussion just yet. I think there is one extra song or a bonus track on the album that is called The Hatch that is on the limited edition.

How would you describe Graveyard to Australian audiences?

That is a hard one and I find it hard with all the genres and different explanations. It might be an easy way to label a band but to us everything feels really spread out and to us there are a hundred different types of rock or blues or whatever. I would say that we’re some kind of classic rock or heavy blues type of band, we try to bring a lot of different influences to the music which makes it hard to tell.

Are there any particular bands that you take inspiration from?

There are definitely bands that we have been influenced by and a lot has to do with your own mode or impressions of things. I have been listening to a lot of Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac and a lot of the music from our producers who worked on Innocence & Decadence.

Is Innocence & Decadence coming out on vinyl in Australia?

I hope so!

Are you looking to tour Australia to support the album release?

Soundwave was nice, I’m sure we will come back but there are no tour dates set yet but we will be back for sure. Dates are being scheduled for the US and Europe but I’m at home as much as possible with my family (and a baby on the way) before we leave for a tour. Very exciting…

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