Seether @ The Gov, 1st July ’15 – Across The Ocean

Seether @ The Gov, 1st July ’15

It was a cold and blustery night in A-Town but that didn’t deter a solid group of loyal diehard fans assembly at The Gov for a superb night of rock music. Seether have been going strong since 1999 and each Australian tour they keep stepping up the size of the venues played based on a reputation of delivering the goods when they play live.


Tonight is no exception! The production isn’t over the top by any stretch opting to let the music do all the talking. Seether were fantastic and I’m asking myself the question why I have left it so long to check these guys out. The crowd were quite parochial as if it was their team hitting the stage getting the rock action started with My Disaster. It wasn’t a given either that the set list would be the same as the night before either with the energy of the crowd having a strong bearing on the course of the show.

This tour was about the relatively new album Isolate And Medicate but didn’t stop them from delving back in to more familiar waters with Gasoline off the Disclaimer album, which kick started their journey.

Shaun Morgan’s voice! Wow! There is an intensity and rawness which is simply captivating and is understandable why so many are drawn to Seether. Needles and Rise Above This are great songs but new tune Nobody Praying For Me impresses greatly. There wasn’t a lot of interaction with the crowd apart from the occasional thank you and so on but when you’re on fire I guess there is no need to pad the set out with pointless banter.

It is hard to believe that their debut single Fine Again is fifteen years old sounding awesome live and one that hasn’t tarnished with age. It was the perfect intro in to what has been touted by many as their most successful song, Broken. Played acoustically it was one of those standout moments and with the lack of an Amy Lee (Evanescence) he tackles this one brilliantly. Mobile phones were out capturing this one to watch again later.

After such a great song a drum solo followed with John Humphrey showing that he is more than capable on the skins. To me, it seemed a little self indulgent and did not serve any real purpose apart from giving the band a chance to catch their breath. The band returned taking it up a few notches with See You At The Bottom followed by Words As Weapons. Country Song was great the solo acoustic Gift showed again the talent of Shaun Morgan, hats off to ya son!

Tonight was a good inclusion and Same Damn Life is an absolute belter, dang! It is right about now that the band usually throws in a cover in to set but not so for Adelaide. Why? Why? Why? Seether have been playing some awesome covers on their world tour but alas not for us.

The set couldn’t have finished any higher with two epic hits to wrap things up by way of Fake It and Remedy.

The show was top shelf and well worth checking out next time they return.

Rob Lyon

Rob Lyon

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