Frente @ The Gov, 6th June ’14 – Across The Ocean

Frente @ The Gov, 6th June ’14

Forming in 1989 it was until 1992 where the hallmarks of a great band started taking shape with the release of the career defining album Marvin The Album.

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Sitting twenty one years between the Australian release and the US release it is only fitting that this classic album gets the remastering touch up with a bonus disc of hard to find EP’s and a few bonus from the US release. To commemorate this fine achievement a tour was in order including a show in Adelaide which was fantastic.

Great bands don’t lose their ability and Angie Hart’s vocals sound just as good now as they did back in 1992; simply divine, and combined with partner in crime Simon Austin on guitar and backing vocals makes for one formidable duo. It was interesting to see how the venue was configured with seats in rows which is a little unusual for The Gov but gave fans the chance to sit back with a bevie and take in some great music.

The first part of the set list wasn’t really a surprise with Marvin The Album being played in its entirety from start to end kicking off with Girl followed by the ever so popular Accidentally Kelly Street. There was a huge response prompting the response from Angie “thumbs up, that’s our entire set”. She also encouraged punters to “down the cordial” as there are four songs later in the set that get pretty emotional. Also, there was a warning to avoid the corner as (being born and bred in Adelaide) her family had been there all afternoon. No Time followed and it was interesting to see how quiet the crowd was even taking Angie by surprise suggesting that “some moderate heckling is alright”.

Simon chimed in saying that Cuscatlán was one of his favourite songs sounding as good as ever. Angie said they were both being comedic on this tour offering some commentary on each song saying that they didn’t write the next one but was one of those moments of tears and a bag of cookies for comfort. Pretty Friend was one of those moments being described as relationship with someone who isn’t there. The next few songs were the emotional ones written by Tim O’Connor and Mark Picton. There must of been some history there for sure as the those two drifted off in to the ether losing contact with the band.

190, Reflect and Out Of My Sight were great moments in the set so to was attempted jazz vibe of See/Believe. Simon talked up their first song and long time favourites about unrequited love and how there was nothing wrong with that playing a stellar version of Labour Of Love. When the band delved back in to familiar territory the crowd really did come alive particularly on Ordinary Angels. Dangerous went down well with the humorous response by Angie “I gather you’re having a rotten evening”.

At this point it was the end of the Australian release and the beginning of the US release with an additional three songs. West Coast rapper vibe was all over Lonely with the gap before the next song being turned in to a impromptu Q&A session with a couple of crowd members throwing up some random questions particularly around the three extra songs being added to the US version. Interestingly Simon responded saying that they weren’t playing some songs and needed something fresh to go with in the US.

Explode was a belter but it was the song Bizarre Love Triangle that stood out as the highlight of the evening (Simon adding that New Order really liked their take on their song). That concluded the US version of Marvin The Album with the band playing a random assort from the back catalogue and some requests. The Spanish claps in Burning Girl was great and the Dolly Parton cover Here You Come Again was a popular inclusion. There was some lobbying amongst the crowd to get their request played but it was Book Song that got the nod.

There were some other covers thrown in for good measure including Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love to wrap up the main set and Somethin’ Stoopid by Carson And Gaile to kick off the encore. It was a shame it had to end but Risk and Goodbye Goodguy brought the evening to a close.

Having regretted not seeing Frente in their heyday this show more than made up for up as it was brilliant. Even better it was great to meet Simon and Angie after the show giving a hint that they will be back with a new album and tour later in the year – awesome!

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