You Am I ‘Live Electrified’ – Across The Ocean

You Am I ‘Live Electrified’

You Am I never do things in halves, they hit the stage running and they give everything they have when they’re there.


When the band decided it was time to do something their fans had wanted for years – a concert tour based on their hugely successful and seminal early releases ‘Hi Fi Way’ or ‘Hourly Daily’– they decided to give them both albums back to back. People talked of orchestras and opera houses but really You Am I knew what they needed to do; take these albums, shake ’em loose and play them with the intensity and passion they deserve.

Over a beer at the Dolphin, the band agreed to play ‘Hourly Daily’ first and then kick it up by running through ‘Hi Fi Way’ full tilt right after. Switching the chronological order and making it about building a rock and roll show rather than setting a place in time helped make the ‘Hi Fi Daily Double’ tour one of the rock and roll hoedowns of the year.

Live Electrified’ documents one night at the Enmore Theatre in July 2013, a full house sign on the door and two and half thousand people packed inside. For two hours You Am I delivered one of their great rock and roll performances, rolling through classic after classic. ‘Live Electrified’ captures the spirit and intensity displayed that night on both sides of the punter barrier in living colour and glorious stereo sound.


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Again as stated, You Am I do not do things in halves. That’s why they’ve made a strictly limited three LP deluxe box set of the concert. It’s chock full of goodies to help you celebrate twenty plus years of You Am I doing what they love. The live LPs come packed in a heavy duty box accompanied by a slip-mat, badge, tour laminate, lanyard, photo book, tee shirt transfer, download card and the entire concert film on DVD. This one-off deluxe box set will be strictly limited to 1000 numbered editions only, and will not be available for re-print. All 3 albums will be available as digital downloads.

“I was alerted, once again, to a contemporary, well-established, yearning fop of a musician (albeit one i rather enjoy) bemoaning “rock and roll music”. That “four blokes with guitars and posturing. How hackneyed and old.”

I cannot help but agree.
It is hackneyed and old.
Like sex.
Like gut laughing.
Like crying.
Like falling in love.
Like hatred and disdain.

“And yet why would we keep doing it? Keep employing instrumentation and forms used for decades to fling around battered and exalted forms of our emotional porridge? If i did not have the privilege of turning left, then right, then behind me and see the faces of my best friends whilst making this unholy racket, maybe i wouldn’t. But i’d sure as hell dance to it. Though the songs we’ve written and recorded have an intentioned delicacy at times, we’re excitable, and for whatever reason our limbic systems respond to our version of rock’n’roll, to live without it would render us flipping miserable.”

So we choose joy instead.
And sex.
Gut laughing.
And the rest.
Thanks for giving us a life.