Unearth Release “Watchers Of Rule” – Across The Ocean

Unearth Release “Watchers Of Rule”

Metal veterans UNEARTH release Watchers Of Rule, their sixth release via 3Wise Records today.


‘Watches Of Rule begins by lifting your spirit up with that sweet riffage, before aurally assaulting your very being.’ – Hysteria Mag

‘…it’s still clear that the legacy of Unearth continues to reign supreme in metalcore.’ – Kill Your stereo

After an awe-inspiring 15 years of blazing trails and dominating stages, UNEARTH is now institutionalized as a relentless force in heavy metal, standing the test of time with consistently triumphant creative output, tireless road warrior resilience, Blue Collar style workmanship and a resolute determination to deliver the goods.

Like Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Testament and Anthrax before them, UNEARTH emerged as part of a burgeoning revolution in heavy music but continued to maintain their relevance and mastery of their craft. They’ve resisted and prevailed against changing trends, subcultural fashions and the way music is obtained and distributed with their credibility, integrity and unique persona intact.

With roughly 500,000 in worldwide sales, UNEARTH’S continued staying power has also hinged on their highly interactive and toweringly heavy live performances. Unearth are committed to collaborating on uncharted new heights within their music. No sellout and no letdown for their extremely dedicated fans on the horizon. Unearth will always steadily maintain and powerfully proclaim their allegiance to the lifestyle, the ethos and the community of heavy metal, both now and forever.