Robot Child Release New Single, Ignition – Across The Ocean

Robot Child Release New Single, Ignition

Robot Child Release New Single, Ignition – debut Album One More War due in June.


Within seconds of Ignition’s lacerating opening riff, you know what you’re in for. Behind Waleed Aly’s slamming guitars (RN Drive, The Project), and Jeff Wortman’s (Peanut Gallery, Triple M) vocals, a siren wails and a spoken voice warns us that desperate people do desperate things.  Soon the rhythm section arrives and we’re off: the track is surging and the stakes are high.

It’s a fair introduction to ROBOT CHILD whose approach to rock is doused in flair, always making a statement.  The Melbourne 5-piece build on the tradition of Queen, Pink Floyd, Faith No More and Muse to deliver something epic, bombastic, always melodic.  Their debut album ONE MORE WAR heaves with variety and energy, each song bursting with layers of musical ideas.  It’s an ambition that takes someone like ARIA Award winner Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect) to do it justice, and his mix makes the album sparkle.

One More War is released June 14.

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