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The Growlers Shock Fans With New Single “Good Advice”

After showcasing their “Beach Goth” intensity to sold-out shows throughout Australia earlier this year, The Growlers are already ready to give you a new full-length album of reverb-heavy surf-guitar, Bakersfield-style honky-tonk, and ‘80s post-punk that fans have come to expect, but this time with a whole mix of new sounds.


Starting with lead single “Good Advice”, the 11 songs found on Chinese Fountain are some of the strongest and most diverse that they’ve committed to tape yet; a by-product not only of eight years in the trenches together, but finely honing their gypsy folk dirges and psychedelic sea shanties to fans at close to 150 shows each year.

Upon hearing “Good Advice”, fans of The Growlers got quite the surprise – the highly charged disco-esque alt-rock track has already drawn comparisons to Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Black Keys and even Teardrop Explodes. After the initial shock wore off, fans were back online cheering their band on and raving about their new evolution. In fact these changes in sound – and the band’s song writing – has been bubbling under the surface for years, and after igniting a legion of psych surf bands world-wide, it was time to move forward. The Growlers aren’t going to just be part of a passing sound. The forthcoming album may shock, dismay, or amaze, but Brooks Nielsen’s lyrics and this band’s amazing chemistry will hook you whether you are an OG fan or a first time listener.

Singing “There’s nothing as depressing as good advice/Nobody wants to hear how to live their lives”, “Good Advice” is an upbeat, summer-drenched reflection of Neilsen’s more honest thoughts. “This is my chance to let it all out,” Nielsen says of these songs. “I kind of bottle things up and don’t really get emotional. But I think if I don’t open up, I’d be a really stale person.”

“This song can help you get over your end-of-summer blues and teleport you back to that time you took a vacation a few months ago” – NOISEY

“The Growlers take a step into the future with ‘Good Advice’. For them, however, this means it’s now 1973. Their Wurlitzer organ screes mix with a glam stomp as frontman Brooks Nielsen attempts to do agony aunts and therapists the world over out of a job.” – NME

The Growlers also just announced the line up of their THIRD “Beach Goth Party” – An Orange County festival headlined and curated by the band themselves – boasting a line up of DIIV, The Drums, Cherry Glazerr, Joyce Manor, Mariachi El Bronx, Bleached + Many More.