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Across The Atlantic New Album “Works Of Progress”

When it comes to making music, your sound will only take you as far as the effort you put behind it can take you.

For some bands, this means never leaving your small suburban town or rural enclave. Others might gain regional notoriety but never achieve recognition on a national scale—and then there are the bands who work tirelessly and dedicate themselves to making themselves into a worldwide name. Of the three relative categories, San Antonio based pop-punk/post- hardcore hybrid ACROSS THE ATLANTIC place themselves—as their name might imply—firmly in the latter, creating energetic, intensely up-beat and emotionally poignant music that serves as a stellar testament to their dedication towards their craft. By taking a quick, punk-driven and poppy and adding ferocity by way of furious and aggressive hardcore influence, ACROSS THE ATLANTIC are a prodigally talented and overwhelmingly dedicated band whose name will soon be household—if it isn’t by the time you’re reading this.

ACROSS THE ATLANTIC erupted into the tumultuous Texan underground music scene at the very onset of 2013, a young band fueled by unstoppable ambition and an unquenchable thirst to have their music heard in venues and headphones around the world. This was clear from even the band’s early stages, playing shows as local support in venues throughout Texas as early as February with little more than a set comprised of covers and a sparse spread of original material—something that would soon change. ACROSS THE ATLANTIC released their acclaimed debut single, ‘Semper Fidelis’, on June 20th, pledging their allegiance and dedication to a high-octane, energetic-yet- emotional blend of alternative rock, pop-punk and post-hardcore. From here on out, ACROSS THE ATLANTIC’s tires met the road and they haven’t stopped spinning since. The latter portion of 2013 saw them writing and recording their debut EP, aptly named First Things First, which would release on Valentine’s Day of 2014 — around the same time ACROSS THE ATLANTIC would be featured on an international metal-and- hardcore compilation, This Is Core: Volume IV, alongside several other heavyweights in underground scenes from across the globe, First Things First set more than  just an impressive discography in motion for the band; namely, ACROSS THE ATLANTIC’s first headlining tour in support of their debut EP with …AND THE HERO PREVAILS and STOMP NG ON IRIS in support. ACROSS THE ATLANTIC’s DIY mentality and ceaseless hard work would continue to pay off throughout the summer with the band’s continued work as regional support for several touring packages as well as the opportunity to play the Ernie Ball Stage at the San Antonio stop for the Vans Warped Tour. With well over half of an immensely successful 2014 behind them, many bands would have been content to put the year to a rest and coast into 2015 ACROSS THE ATLANTIC and their immense work ethic hardly know the meaning of the term “coast”. On May 5th, the band would release the fruits of their collective creative efforts over the last several months in the form of their debut and critically acclaimed debut full-length release, Holding On to What We Know —teasing its contents with the lead single, ‘Better Than My Yesterdays’ much earlier in the year. Holding On to What We Know saw the band likened to world-renowned artists like FOUR YEAR STRONG and A DAY TO REMEMBER, blending –core elements with poppy, catchy punks and soaring, anthemic choruses to great avail, giving the band as sprawling fan base and bursting catalogue on which to play shows and tour throughout the entire United States.

Holding On to What We Know, in large part, brings us to ACROSS THE ATLANTIC’s present—and their future. Kicking in 2017’s doors with the announcement that they would be signing to the young but driven and internationally-respected SharpTone Records roster with their second full-length release, Works of Progress as well as a European tour with label mates ALAZKA and post-hardcore juggernauts IMMINENCE. Works of Progress is the product of well over a year of hard work both on the road and in studio, and it shows. The sound of a band maturing and refining their sound without sacrificing youthful energy or exuberance, Works of Progress is fun throughout its entirety but not without moments of veritable introspection and emotional density. ACROSS THE ATLANTIC’s sophomore full-length release captures the brilliant diversity of their entire catalogue and condenses it, magnifying it through a contemporary lens and indulging in moments of intense aggression as well as heart-rending and soul-soothing segments of awe-inspiring serenity both. Building themselves up from the southern heat and humidity of San Antonio to adding energy, charisma and catchiness by the boatload to SharpTone Records in just over four years, ACROSS THE ATLANTIC’s history and dedication to fans of fun-yet- heavy music is magnificent—truly dwarfed only by how bright their future is. With four years under their collective belt and many more to come, it’s no wonder their name and sound is ringing in ears from San Antonio to Spain.