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American pop singer Stacey Q (aka Stacey Swain) has had quite a career with five studio albums, numerous chart singles and then singer in a band by way of SSQ. Singles that rocketed up the chart include We Connect, Two Of Hearts and Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself to name a few. Stacey’s talent extend to acting also. Joining the Totally 80s line-up Stacey spoke very briefly with Across The Ocean about the tour.


Are you excited to joining the long list of acts touring with Totally 80s around the country?

I’m pretty excited myself! I never thought that in a million years that I would be going to Australia. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody after all this time of making music and I really can’t wait.

Back in the day was anything planned as far a tour goes?

No, actually it was unfortunate but it seemed as if the timing was always bad so I have never been. This time I am very excited that it will happen.

Does it amaze you that what is old is essentially new again?

Oh, totally amazed! It is totally amazing! It is inspiring and that is why I continue to do it.

Are you working on any new material?

Oh my goodness yes! In 2010 we released Color Me Cinnamon which had several singles Trip, Pandora’s Box and Going Goth. After that with SSQ we released in America our album Playback which is available digitally. There is a plan to release that on vinyl.

With a lot of interests such as acting and dancing is music still your main passion?

I’ll never stop with music and I love the recording process. I never thought I would have the courage to stand up and sing. I couldn’t even sing in front of my family let alone a bunch of people, so I do feel very encourage and inspired but very grateful to be able to keep doing this.

Is it hard to keep finding new ground to cover and not repeat what you have done previously?

I don’t feel challenged in that way or something that you need to change as part of your everyday existence when you have a job like that. I know what you are talking about and those sorts of things do come up.

What is your biggest highlight or memory from the 80s?

Well, let’s see! I started out on a small label in 1981 graduating to a major label so it was pretty obvious what stands out but for me but when I think of the 80s I think of David Bowie and artists like that which were really important to me. That’s why coming to Australia is so important because I will be coming with people that I know and admire as well not feeling intimidated which makes me feel happy. The party feels like it has already started just with the fact that we’re all going to be on the tour. I’m hoping that there might be some sort of impromptu sing-a-long.

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