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Melbourne indie electro outfit Kings have a new single out called West Coast and it is an absolute ripper. There is a red alert out on these lads after their last single Whispers clocked up 80,000 spins across Spotify and Soundcloud, and 30,000 YouTube views. Sam Buirski (guitar) takes time out for quick Q&A for Across The Ocean.


Congratulations on the single West Coast, is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement building up to the release of the single?

It’s always a very exciting experience releasing a piece of artwork that you’ve worked so hard on and kept under raps between the group, so naturally leading up to the release, we are all just eager for it to be heard by a wider audience as soon as possible.

Have you been encouraged by the response so far by people coming to shows or discovering you over the internet through Spotify, Sound Cloud and YouTube?

It is very encouraging when music you’re making is no longer just accepted by your close mates but also an audience that we’ve never come across. It just confirms what we are doing is being well received.

Is that frustrating also given that doesn’t translate in to putting food on the table and that you have to have a day job?

We’ve accepted coming into this that our day jobs will contribute to the fuel that is needed to get this project off the ground. What we are most passionate about is the music itself and where it can take us.

How do you measure success? 

We can only measure how our audience is receiving the music and the impact it’s having on their lives. If we’re making music that we’re proud of and it’s speaking to people and taking us places that we could only dream of, then it will make us pretty happy.

How did Kings get together?

The four of us all came to know each other through music. We each had our own musical projects and decided to try something new. I guess it was a matter of the right time and place that brought us together.

What influenced the band name?

When I first joined forces with Hayden, I saw the potential to make something epic. I decided there and then to come up with some sort of name to represent our music and vibe, thus the start of Kings.

How would you describe the band’s sound?

We make a blend of modern electronic, and traditional live music.

Are there any significant influences that you both share?

What actually makes the Kings sound is the fact we all have different core musical influences. However we all definitely share relative influences of artists such as, Drake, The Killers, Underoath, Frank Ocean and Bon Iver. The list is endless.

Did you ever think it would be so much work getting a band off the ground?

Yes, we actually did. We’ve all been in projects in the past that we’ve learnt from. Coming out from that we have all put our experiences and knowledge into the picture knowing we all need to share the same goals and hard work.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far on the journey?

A big lesson we’ve learnt is not to attach ourselves so heavily to any negative energy and to focus on making music that we are all mainly stoked on.

Are you looking to expand your horizons and tour overseas? Where would you focus?

We are 100% looking to expand our horizons as far as our music could possibly take us.

Have you been able to gauge the level interest overseas?

We’ve had minor attraction overseas. Our previous single Whispers has actually gathered more traction overseas in terms of streaming play count.

What’s the plan from here? Is there another single, EP or album in the works?

We are currently gathering material for an EP, however at the moment our main focus is to let our singles speak individually before we put a bulk piece of music out there.

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