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It is hard to believe that Celtic folk metal outfit Eluveitie were last in Australia in 2013, and the tour so was so much of a success it has prompted a much grander return being some big venues around the country playing shows two hours in length.


Across The Ocean had the opportunity to speak to main man Chrigel Glanzmann literally as he walked off stage in Europe. There were the challenges of the phone line dropping out but nevertheless a good chat ahead of their Australian tour.

It must be exciting times for Eluveitie heading to Australian for your second tour?

Yeah, right! What can I say we are super happy to finally come back, it was been way to long. It was an awesome experience last time so we’re super stoked to finally come back again. Actually right now I’m preparing for Australia.

How’s the tour going right now?

I’ve literally come off stage now and we’re in tour in Norway at the moment. We’re in Norway and still basically on the Origins road tour for almost one and a half years now playing a show almost every day. There will be a short break before coming to Australia, which will be good.

Have you been happy with the reception of Origins and how fans right around the globe have got in to the album?

Honestly, yes! Of course! To us it is completely mind blowing and it has been our most successful album so far. When we released it we did not expect anything like that to happen, actually it was pretty awesome. It is amazing to be all over the planet and hitting rank one on the Billboard Heatseeker Chart. Things like that we did not expect, which was awesome. Touring these songs and playing them live people seem to be enjoying them, we’re happy with everything.

Has there been much thought given to the next album and is it something you’re looking to start this year?

Actually we are planning to go in to the studio next year and I am working on the album now. Our next album will be the second part of Evocation acoustic content and we’re planning to release the album next year. It will be different because there is no metal on it but it is a special thing. We have this Evocation content from 2009 and now there will be the second part.

Did you ever think that folk metal would gain so much popularity and interest?

Hard to say! To be brutally honest to don’t really think about anything like that. I didn’t expect or something like that, we basically play our music and do what makes us happy and don’t care to much what happens from that. It’s interesting how it’s got popular, which is nice but we would have still been doing it if it wasn’t like that.

With all the line up changes in recent times are things a little more settled, well for now any way?

Musically it hasn’t affected the band too much actually but I write most of the music and it will always be Eluveitie no matter what line up changes. Nevertheless, line up changes are never easy and we have had a lot of band members. On one hand it is pure maths, the more people you have in a line up the more chances are that you will have a line up change but it is also a question of time also. We are constantly working a lot to move forward as a band and to get as far as we can with this style of music and to do that has meant that the time to put in which is needed is significant. People then need to decide whether they want to do that or not so that is why we have had a few line up changes.

With so many players in the band how does the creative process work? Is it hard to accommodate everyone’s ideas and interests?

I don’t think so, in my opinion it is a matter of passion and commitment and you just go with it. Being together, functioning together and working together on a professional level and being together on the road all the time is something you can learn and I don’t think it matters whether there are three people or twenty people in the band. I feel it is a question of passion and commitment and if you don’t feel that you shouldn’t be doing it.

Will the Australian tour focus on the Origins album?

We think about our set list almost every day and on this current tour we don’t think about how much or how long we can play. In Australia the shows will be at least two hours covering all the greatest hits so to speak, it will be fun any way. To us coming to Australia will be an amazing experience and really looking forward to it as it has been way to long.

Australian tour dates

Tuesday 17 May – Perth – The Capitol
Thurs 19 May– Brisbane – The Zoo
Fri 20 May – Sydney – Manning Bar
Sat 21 May – Melbourne – Max Watts
Sun 22 May – Adelaide – The Gov

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