Youth Group @ Newtown Social Club, 26th June ’15 – Across The Ocean

Youth Group @ Newtown Social Club, 26th June ’15

A little over a decade after their widely acclaimed Skeleton Jar release, Newtown favourites Youth Group chose to celebrate by way of a vinyl re-issue.


This in turn seemed as good a reason as any to throw together a little tour, kickstarting tonight on home turf.


Judging by the full house filled predominantly with those who remember life before mobile phones, it was immediately apparent an evening of nostalgic reflection awaited. Despite the night being in honour of the aforementioned Skeleton Jar, Dan Allen’s rolling drumbeat opens proceedings with non album track ‘Two Sides‘, kicking off a small batch of songs from elsewhere on their catolgue.


Sorry‘ and ‘Dying At Your Own Party’ are fitting foreplay before the main event begins as the boisterous ‘Shadowland‘ requester next to me soon gets his wish.


From here on in it is the album in question poured out in recorded order. The rise in atmosphere is palpable as Toby Martin straps on the acoustic for the swaying singalong of ‘Last Quarter‘. As always Martin’s vocals are a soothing conduit for his lyrical charm as we are guided through some classy storytelling.


Fuzzy tingles are felt all around as YG work their way through the record’s tracks, moments such as the the quirkily titled ‘Why Don’t The Buildings Cry?‘ and of course title track ‘Skeleton Jar‘ protruding as highlights. Not content with polishing off the album, the four piece grace us with another batch of nuggets found elsewhere in their armoury.


Daisychains‘ caps off a lengthy meander down memory lane and leaves all and sundry beaming satisfied grins.

The “youth” in the group may have faded a touch and the Sando now calls itself The Newtown Social Club, but no doubt to many tonight it still felt very much like the good old days.

Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

Gavin Stocker

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