Wendy Icon @ Selina’s, 24th Jan ’14 – Review – Across The Ocean

Wendy Icon @ Selina’s, 24th Jan ’14 – Review

There was an air of excitement surrounding the long awaited return of Adelaide’s Wendy Icon to the live circuit.

Touring the country with The Getaway Plan, tonight it was the blissful beachside Eastern Suburbs time to be “Iconised”.

To the gathered punters surprise Selina’s tonight was relegated to a half room configuration – and that apparently meant there would be no lighting either as Wendy Icon were barely visible in the dark room. Thankfully they brought 2 massive stage backdrops to add some much needed bounced light.

Wendy Icon @ Selina's, 24th Jan '14

The band were clearly in the mood to party, front man Tommy Rutland toyed mercilessly with a mirrorball that should never have been placed in his line of fire had the venue staff done their research. Sure enough, it met its demise not long after during a more intense number.

Wendy Icon @ Selina's, 24th Jan '14

The punters were slow to respond and being the Friday night of a long weekend perhaps they were taking it easy as there were potentially three days to get pissed and jump around to bands over such a weekend. Either way it didn’t stop the band as they made a pledge:

If we cover an Aussie song that pays tribute to Aussie music on Australia Day long weekend will you dudes at the back on those couches get up and party?

They launched into Grinspoon‘s Lost Control and the crowd did just that.

Wendy Icon @ Selina's, 24th Jan '14

After paying tribute to local act Marlow:

They’re great guys, great musicians. We had cheese and bread with them tonight. They were nice.

Wendy Icon wrapped their set as frontman Tommy Rutland lobbed the mic into the crowd and left the stage while the band played the remaining number.

Wendy Icon @ Selina's, 24th Jan '14

Wendy Icon, welcome back.


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