Waxhead @ World Bar, 21st November ’14 – Across The Ocean

Waxhead @ World Bar, 21st November ’14

Temporarily expanding to a quintet for the evening, Byron Bay’s Waxhead rolled into the World Bar for the first of two Sydney shows on their current East Coast run.


Brandishing their unabashed love for psychadelic fused stoner rock, the surf loving five piece are on the road to promote their current EP Home.

Under normal circumstances, a band such as this would be deemed cacophonous but Waxhead represnted a significant reduction in decibels after the ear splitting exploits of the resident DJ. Perhaps it’s my aging ears but I’ve heard quieter 747’s.


Ploughing straight into a extensive instrumental intro, Waxhead immediately come across as a young up and coming version of Tumbleweed. Rolling along on the back of Moffo’s throbbing basswork and Finny’s chunking riffs, the band pushed on admirably despite a less than coherant mix which unfortunately rendered frontman Froggy’s vocals predominantly indecipherable. Adding to the degree of difficulty was the dubious dance music pulsing away in the next room and seeping through the inexplicably open door into the band room.


Jousting with these adversaries, Waxhead toiled impressively through their set, busting out the likes of ‘Small Fry‘ and ‘Ball Buster‘ before throwing in current single ‘Home‘ at the rear of the set. Upon completion of their show the deafening DJ returned and the young un’s flooded the dancefloor.


Whilst the room itself is a welcoming intimate space, the sound issues just made things a little too difficult on all fronts. As a result it was hard to become fully immersed in the show and perhaps the band’s gig two nights later at Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice may have been a better chance to fully imbibe their sound.


Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

Gavin Stocker

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