The Models @ The Gov, 15th December ’15 – Across The Ocean

The Models @ The Gov, 15th December ’15

Melbourne 80s art-rock wizards the Models played their first shows in quite some time doing a quick lap around the country before Christmas. It was a bit of a tough one for the band, going up against Elton John across the road in the Entertainment Centre but nevertheless drawing a strong crowd for a “school night”. Kudos to the band for not leaving out little ‘ole Adelaide like so many others do.


There was no support band on offer which left the band to play two sets giving them plenty of scope to delve in the back catalogue pulling out hits from classic albums such as Alphabravocharliedeltaechofoxtrotgolf (1980), Cut Lunch (1981), Local and/or General (1981), The Pleasure of Your Company (1983), and Out Of Mind Out Of Sight (1985)

The breakthrough lineup of Sean Kelly (Guitar/ Lead Vocals), Andrew Duffield (Keyboard/ Vocals), Mark Ferrie (Bass/ Vocals) and drummer Ashley Davies were tight and played a ripping set. Some might argue that nostalgia is about cashing in but these guys look far from resting on their laurels happy and content on just belting out the back catalogue but throwing in some newer material.

It was a rather low key build up with the band kicking things off just after eight thirty with Local and/or General followed by Truth About Truth About Scientists. There was little talking letting the music do all the talking. Unhappy was great and there were some big cheers for Happy Birthday IBM which Sean Kelly later remarked that he wished it was called Happy Birthday Apple so they could get free iPhones and iPads. A good chunk of the first set was all about Local and/or General for the most part with the band admitting they were happy to stay in that era.

Two Cabs To The Toucan off the 1981 EP Cut Lunch was inspired by Adelaide and being on tour in our great city. That Guy off the Memo EP was a great contrast before going back to 1983 with Holy Creation off the The Pleasure of Your Company album. That was it for the first set with Mark Ferrie saying they were off for a break and the main act will be coming back on, “we’re the support band”.

The forty five minute break was excessive and should have been much shorter. Drinks were downed, bladders relieved and punters waiting for the return of the band. I Hear Motion got the crowd revved up at the start of set two. The “after dinner mix” tribute to Peter Lillie Drive Through Love was great and keeping theme of tributes going Man O Action was for the brave forces and war mongering that is going on. Cut Lunch off the EP of the same name got a dust off but it was the dedication to James Freud Out Of Sight Out Of Mind that was the highlight. Set two finished with Pate Pedestrian and it really seemed as if the band had really started to get going.

There was plenty of noise and cheering encouraging the band to return for an encore and they did. Super hit Barbados was well received as was Telstar in all its splendour. It was a great night and I know there’s reluctance to play material from the James Freud era but you can hope that down the track that they open the door and revisit some of this stuff.

Rob Lyon

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