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Extinction A.D. – “Plague Prophecy”

Emerging from New York’s Long Island, four piece Extinction A.D.’s debut ep is a succinct explosion of brutality.


With only four tracks and clocking in at under 15 minutes, it is an enticing snippet that showcases the band’s predilection for relentless thrash metal.

The Sepultura influence is clearly apparent, with even the band’s name bearing a similarity to Chaos A.D. Frontman Rick Jiminez has the kind of guttural vocal delivery any band in this genre would crave as he barks feverishly over some frenetic riffs. As is often the case with this style of music the playing is exceptional (no room for sloppiness at this pace) with the rhythm section of Pieter van den Burg (bass) and Mike Sciulara (drums) sticking together like Tarzan’s Super Grip. Lead guitarist Christian Beale weaves his riffs expertly over Jiminez’s guitar to put the icing on the chaotic cake.

Standout track is Doomstar Clock in which Jiminez channels old school Metallica with a vocal line that perhaps follows Battery a little too closely.

Having only formed in 2013, Extinction A.D are still very much in their embyonic stages. The signs are there that they can make it as as a menacing thrash metal act but at this early stage they may be riding just a little too much on their influences.

Gavin Stocker

Gavin Stocker

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Gavin Stocker