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Calling All Cars – “Raise The People”

Melbourne three-piece Calling All Cars have tweaked their classic hard rock formula to bring us their latest full length Raise The People.

calling all cars raise the people

Though still rock driven, per pumping bass lines, chunky guitar sounds, dynamic percussion and growling vocals, this album proves the band aren’t afraid to experiment. What it lacks in grit and grime it makes up for in creative postproduction elements.

The band has invigorated their sound for the dance floor in Running On The Sun by the inclusion of joyful handclaps with glimmers of clever electronic production and repetitive pop infused vocal melodies. Good God urges uncontrollable foot stomping by means of hypnotic percussion, crunchy wailing guitar and an unusual buzzing bass line. It also prompts you to wonder how Montgomery even made his bass sound like that.

Werewolves is a highlight. It’s sexy and passionate, evoking images of sweatiness, heavy breathing and dimly lit rooms. My Red Light is slower and effortlessly carefree in contrast to a darker Black and White, which describes a friendship with a drug addict. Standing In The Ocean and It Don’t Matter are impossibly catchy and stimulating listens. Ing’s has an ability to write lyrics that are likeable in a very uncomplicated way and are made to fit perfectly among the instrumental parts. Looking Through Your Window is a wonderful example of this too, albeit with reasonably creepy lyrics (‘I’ve been looking through your window. Now I’m coming through your window’).

Across the record, Calling All Cars have dramatically pulled away from their roots and instead have blended percussion elements of rap rock and nu-metal, with the buoyancy of pop. If you were looking to the band for another balls out hard rock release Raise The People is going to take you by surprise. But don’t let that deter you, this album offers a superb alternative, a thoroughly interesting and gratifying listen.

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