Karnivool @ Thebarton Theatre, 25th June ’16 – Across The Ocean

Karnivool @ Thebarton Theatre, 25th June ’16

Karnivool hit Thebarton Theatre for one epic show!


Everything was big right from their sound to their production. Phenomenal is the word that comes to mind to describe this brilliant performance by Perth lads Karnivool. Just when I think I’ve seen their best they have this knack of being able to do one better. To those who contemplated going really did miss out on seeing one of Australia’s premier live acts. It was a lean crowd not helped by the fact that the ‘Vool was up against The Living End a couple of suburbs away playing to a packed house there.

Power house opener Goliath set the tone and the fans were full amped for this set. It’s hard not to be able to stand back and be in awe of these guys as they plough through their set with much gusto and intensity. The interaction with the crowd was minimal but when you’re that good you don’t need to pad the set out with filler, just play the tunes man! That they did!

It was almost expected that we would be treated to some new material by way of All It Takes, Animation and Reanimation. Even though it is early days for these songs still being fairly embryonic it was holy shit how good are these songs! Wowsers! In between those they through in crowd favourites Simple Boy and Set Fire To The Hive and the set is starting to reach lofty heights. Guitarist Drew Goddard said tonight would be about new songs and g-strings (referring to his strings on his guitar) hoping that Adelaide would dig it.

Ian Kenny’s vocals were perfect, as usual, and the venue really suited the band and their big rock sound showing that they have out grown venues like The Gov and HQ. The band fed off the energy of the crowd giving them We Are and All I Know. There were plenty of indigenous themes running through Umbra and interestingly Roquefort is named after a “stinky cheese” with Goddard again saying there’s a lot going on in this song.

The rest of the band in Steve Judd, Mark Hosking and John Stockman keeps this slick machine tight and together. Without a shadow of a doubt they are at the top of their game with huge expectations with album number four due soon. The almighty Themata lifted the roof off the joint leaving it difficult for the band not to return for an encore. Aeons, brilliant! New Day the perfect send off and I’ll never get tired of hearing this one close the set. Goddard said in closing to fans to come to Perth and party with them, maybe I might!

Set List

All It Takes
Simple Boy
Set Fire To The Hive
We Are
All I Know

New Day

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