Ian Ball @ The Brass Monkey, 27th Nov ’13 – Review – Across The Ocean

Ian Ball @ The Brass Monkey, 27th Nov ’13 – Review

Not even being abruptly woken on a 6am flight from Darwin and simultaneously hearing/feeling a rather large man next to him sneezing could put Ian Ball into a bad mood.

The chirpy might-as-well-be-an-Aussie English lad was all smiles and humour as he took to The Brass Monkey stage at a rather poorly sold show last night.


The lack of punters did nothing to hampen his mood though, as he launched right into the first numbers including “Airstream Driver” and “So Many Ways To Die”.

From there on, the gathered few were in for a real treat, as a more intimate show was clearly on the cards and the floor was opened to requests.


Memory Test” was first cab of the request ranks and Mr. Ball happily obliged.

Next up a call for “I Knew You Were Trouble” was met with slight cautiousness as apparently “there’s too many words in that one!”


Regardless, he jumped in and it sounded great right up until the third verse where forgotten lyrics prompted the fan who requested it to sing for him.

She sounded great and I think the whole room wanted her to get up there and do a duet, Ian included!


From there on the show wound it’s way through plenty of Gomez and Ian Ball numbers, the fans clearly enjoying such an intimate time with a genuinely talented and lovely chap. – JG

Two more shows from Ian Ball on this tour:

30th Nov @ The Bunker in Coogee
1st Dec @ Beetle Bar in Qld

All the details are over at Love Police.

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