Vance Joy @ The Gov, 25th April ’14 – Across The Ocean

Vance Joy @ The Gov, 25th April ’14

Groovin’ The Moo brought a whole lot of festival action to Adelaide including some side shows including none other than super star in waiting Vance Joy.

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There is no denying the talent of this ex-Coburg footballer who looks set to take the world by storm this year off the back of breakthrough single Riptide. Being in hot demand and signing publishing deals which will keep the Vance Joy hit factory working overtime he is riding this massive wave that does not look like breaking anytime soon.

Gossling for me is an acquired taste and whilst not my cup of tea it is quite easy to see that she is fast becoming a well seasoned performer whose live show is good as any. Aka Helen Croome delivers a unique mix of folk and pop and is celebrating the relatively recent release Harvest Of Gold. Her music deals with relationships with the complexities of life thrown in to the challenges of social media and what people say about others. Gossling is no stooge already selling who own brand of lipstick and giving away free stuff at the merch desk – packs of seeds to create your own Harvest Of Gold (brilliant idea).

It was a heros like welcome when Vance Joy took to the stage with people trying to get right up close literally hanging off every word. Right from the get-go you can see the star quality that is Vance Joy. From Afar was sensational as was I’m Done which was about taking the redeye flight from Pert to Melbourne to find out where he stands with the woman he loves. It didn’t take long for Vance to open up about an experience from earlier in the day where he was serenaded by two young kids with ukuleles playing his hit Riptide. Hearing him speak so proudly of this moment really is refreshing as he is a star but is prepared to make someone else’s day all the more better.

There was an interesting story behind Snaggletooth about teeth that sticks out more at an angle with Vance saying, don’t change for me. Vance asks the crowd if they are having a good time and he says he is as well. Vance tells some pretty amazing stories which are the core to his songs particularly about FaceBook and how it is the window to some people’s lives and how they leave nothing out. His uncle inspired the My Kind Of Man tune which was played acoustically with its origins from a Lynyrd Skynyrd rip off.

Continuing in the acoustic vane All I’ve Wanted had the mandatory da la la na na’s to make it catchy according to Vance as he locked up in an office and not allowed to come out until he finished a couple of songs. Emmylou was brilliant as was the Masters Apprentices cover Because I Love You. Vance reminisced about walking their dog and seeing the guy from Masters Apprentices who lived around the corner. Definitely a hard song to play acoustically he gave it a red hot go with a few stuff ups along the way.

Hard to believe that an hour whizzed past and with the song bank tapped out it was Wasted Time and the epic Riptide which closed out the night. The room did come alive to this single and it’s really awesome to see how it resonates with his fans. Obviously no encore but when you’re this good you don’t need one. No doubt when Vance Joy returns next time he will be playing an even bigger venue.

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