Stonefield @ The Gov, 1st Mar ’14 – Across The Ocean

Stonefield @ The Gov, 1st Mar ’14

Stonefield are a force to be reckoned with! Each time they play in Adelaide they continue to get better and better and it will only be a matter of time before they break overseas. Findlay sisters Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly from Darraweit Guim, rural Victoria turned on the charm for what was their second to last show of their Australian tour before heading overseas. The crowd was small but made plenty of noise in appreciation of what was a great show.


There is plenty of great local talent emerging in Adelaide with both supports Ride into The Sun and The Valkyries impressing no end. I would go far as to say that Ride Into The Sun were the find of the night – woah! These guys are great and despite changing three of the four members, “a bit of a change at the company”, so close to the show no one would have known given how good they were and the fact that they had to learn new songs.

Kicking things off with Black Water Rising from the Bad Reality EP it was game on for Stonefield. It is a different look to the band seeing Amy spending more front of stage being the front woman for Stonefield with a ring in drummer Manny Bourakis holding the fort for live duties. Continual touring sees this band running like a well oiled machine, they’re tight, they play a pretty mean tune and it goes without saying that they look sensational. Attention turns to the new album with Love You Deserve , C’mon and Over And Over which were well received.

To Whom It May Concern is a great tune but the real surprise in the set was an awesome cover of the Steppenwolf tune Magic Carpet Ride. Wow! These gals gave this one a right ‘ole touch up for no uncertain terms. There was a preview of some new tune that will be recorded in the UK, which sounds great and its title escapes me.

It was pleasing to see that Stonefield maintain the momentum and energy of the show by sticking to what they do well – play killer rock tunes and not pad out the set with pointless banter. To The Mountains all focused on what’s important to you in life got a look in and so did Diggin’ My Way Out. The big applause and cheers was reserved for Put Your Curse On Me which brought the house down. The back end of their set rocked out just as hard with Ruby Skies, Bad Reality, the ball tearer House Of The Lonely and show closer Through The Clover was superb. Fingers crossed that these young ladies take the UK by storm.

Rob Lyon

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