Spiderbait @ The Gov, 28th August ’14 – Across The Ocean

Spiderbait @ The Gov, 28th August ’14

Spiderbait are as important and relevant now as they ever have been in their entire career with a staggering sold out tour right across the country with many shows being sold out for weeks.


It has been some time since their last proper tour so there is some truth to the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The Gov played host to Spiderbait and it was an energetic and lively crowd that assembled to hear what is considered to be their greatest hits and memories tour. Apes played a solid and serviceable set warming the stage. It’s hard not getting them confused with Tex Perkin’s band The Apes but no doubt their music is worth hunting down.

The build up was really low key, even Kram prompting the sound guys to “turn that fucking music off”. Kram said their set would be dedicated to legendary Tumbleweed member Jay Curley who passed away suddenly.

The set opened with Straight Through The Sun off their recent self-titled release followed by a treasure trove of awesomeness with Shazam! Outta My Head and The Goodies inspired Run which got the crowd revved up. Kram spoke of Australia as being a different place in 1993 where an average person could buy a house, where there was no reality TV except Sylvania Waters and a band like Spiderbait could last five gigs without getting a real job. He also went on to proclaim that they love Adelaide despite dreading the place for many years saying Melbourne bands are the shit. The tale ended with Kram continuing his love for Adelaide in particular a trip to an antique shop in Grote Street even scoring a seven dollar discount and saying he almost didn’t make it out of the shop.

Missing The Boat according to Kram was all about doing what you want to do as life is short. Occasionally he would walk away from the kit to inspire the masses taking on this prophet type role.

Tonite was great as was major blast from the past Scenester off P’tang Yang Kipper Bang Uh! EP all the way back in 1992 – wow! There was a thank you to the Port Adelaide Football Club for letting him play (Live At The Drive) collecting some sixteen possessions drawing a few boos and later conceding there were too many handballs probably from being so high that day.

Thumbs up for Old Man Sam which was followed by some loose cannon wanting Kram to take his pants off drawing a quick reply “not a good idea to take the pants off on drums, I’m too old, check this shit out” proceeding to tear apart Fucken Awesome. The last part of the main set was so good going back deep in to the discography with Janet smashing it on drums on Buy Me A Pony then Sam Gribbles, Footy and Circle K. The Nena cover 99 Luft Balloons sung by Janet was definitely on the highlights reel so to was Calypso complete with moshing and Kram said it felt like they were transported back in time suggesting to the moshers that they should wear their bruises well.

Spiderbait set wouldn’t be complete without the trademark Lead Belly or more common cover version by Ram Jam aptly titled Black Betty. When Kram announced this was the last one there were a few boos despite the band playing for nearly two hours earning the tag the Bruce Springsteen’s of punk.

Definitely an awesome way to finish off the set and let’s hope they’re back playing in Adelaide soon.

Rob Lyon

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