The Getaway Plan @ Selina’s, 24th Jan ’14 – Review – Across The Ocean

The Getaway Plan @ Selina’s, 24th Jan ’14 – Review

The beachside rock haven known as The Coogee Bay Hotel was to be the scene of Melbourne outfit The Getaway Plan’s first Sydney show for some time, and judging by the buzz of the fervent fans gathered here tonight they had indeed been missed.


Strolling onstage a little after 11pm, they promptly reminded us of why they have developed a reputation of being such a captivating live act.

Driving the whole beast is the airtight rhythm section with heavily animated drummer Aaron Barnett locking in seamlessly with newish bassplayer Jase Clarke. Such a solid foundation paves the way for the meaty riffs and the theatrical element of the constantly flailing red hair of lead guitarist Clint Ellis.


The icing on the already impressive cake comes with the commanding stage presence of enigmatic frontman Matthew Wright, whose perpetual motion and Jagger swagger had the masses eating out of the palm of his hand. The intelligent and not too excessive use of samples provide an added dimension which positively enhances the band’s sound.


Fans were treated to a nice selection of tracks from 2008’s Other Voices, Other Rooms and the 2011 follow up Requiem, as well as a couple of numbers from their recent self funded release Lovesick/Mirrors. Notable highlights included an intense rendition of The Reckoning and a chunky Sleep Spindles.


The band was relentless in it’s delivery and appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, a vibe which clearly resonated through the crowd. When the set reached it’s end the crowd filed out into the night, satisfied they had spent their Friday evening well and eager for the next installment of The Getaway Plan.

Gavin Stocker

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Gavin Stocker