Death Cab For Cutie @ Wollongong Uni, 31st July ’15 – Across The Ocean

Death Cab For Cutie @ Wollongong Uni, 31st July ’15

This evening could be considered a rare treat for fans of Death Cab For Cutie.


The heavily adored indie icons are no strangers to big rooms these days so an appearance in the more intimate surrounds of The Uni Bar was a great opportunity to see the band up close and personal.


Expanding to a five piece tonight, DCFC have an expansive catologue that dates back to the last millenium and therefore plentiful material from which to draw from. Fusing a handful of cuts from recent release Kintsugi with a slew of beloved classics from their other seven studio albums there was always going to be more than enough to keep the punters smiling. Starting in the present, Kintsugi‘s opening track ‘No Room In Frame‘ also opens the night before delving back into Plan‘s ‘Crooked Teeth‘.


All is not smooth sailing early on with technical issues emanating from the keyboard, much to the visible chagrin of frontman Ben Gibbard.


With minimal onstage banter it is a smooth flow through an impressive collection of smooth indie pop ditties. Tracks off Transatlanticism such as ‘Title And Registration‘ and ‘The New Year‘ provoke the stronger crowd reactions, as does the band’s most recognisable hit ‘You Are A Tourist‘.


Switching between keys and guitar, Gibbard’s unique vocals and quirky songwriting are DCFC‘s fulcrum, communicated via a jangling guitar sound somewhat redolent of Pavement.


Knowing how to depart with a bang, a three track encore is completed with ‘Transatlanticism‘.

With a twenty plus song set that covers a seventeen year long career it is inevitable there will be some difficult song omissions but judging by the enthusiastic reception and delighted faces the majority of Gong dwellers departed happy tonight.

Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

Gavin Stocker

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