DA Carter’s Cooking With Music @ The World Bar, 5th September ’15 – Across The Ocean

DA Carter’s Cooking With Music @ The World Bar, 5th September ’15

So what exactly is Cooking With Music? This was the enquiry occupying my brain upon arrival at The World Bar this evening.


Through the front bar we go, where the young and scantily clad gyrated to an assortment of obstreperous cheese and into the more welcoming environment of the back room.


Hip-hop folktronica duo Deepsea Lights seemed to be taking a literal approach to things as sounds were intriguingly extracted from broccoli, zuccinis and various other edibles. A scathing and justified rap mocking the Daily Telegraph was also noted and appreciated.


Man of the moment DA Carter commenced his set amid technical issues that culminated in opening track Smile Island being performed completely unplugged. The delicate moment and indeed various other parts of the set were unfortunately interrupted by sporadic bursts of music coming through from outside whenever the door back to the main bar opened. Something that probably should be rectified at this venue.


Joyously entangled in his variety of gadgets DA Carter ploughed on like the consumate professional he is, taking us through a musical menu filled with delectable offerings such as Light Satire, Beatbox Buffet and Serious Beefs. Fusing acoustic ditties, electronics and hip hop, the man never stops.


Improvisation was also on the agenda as a volunteer guitarist was plucked from the audience, sampled, looped then freestyled over.


Walking back through the dancefloor chaos and out into the King’s Cross night I decided I’d been privy to a somewhat unique evening and witnessed two rather different interpretations of what cooking with music might entail.

Photos: Benon Julius William Otto Koebsch

Gavin Stocker

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