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Vacationer – ‘The Wild Life’

Philadelphia-based Vacationer have carved out a signature sound with their summery anthems and sun-soaked melodies.


From their new and sophomore album “Relief”, their latest single ‘The Wild Life‘ holidays in the tropics – with undeniably uplifting vibes a sing-along chorus, cheerful hand claps, steel drums and Caribbean sounding guitars – Vacationer are deserved break from winter for Australian and New Zealand audiences, out now via Create / Control and Downtown Records.

Mixed for radio by the indomitable, Grammy Award winning Jacknife Lee, who has worked with the likes of Bloc Party, The Black Keys, Snow Patrol and Crystal Castles, the producer has added an edge of boldness to ‘The Wild Life’. Alongside the single, Vacationer have released a video that captures lead singer Kenny Vasoli personifying the fun and free feelings of ‘The Wild Life’ set in the stunning beaches and villages of rural Costa Rica.

“I had a truly enlightening experience in Nosara, Costa Rica while taking part in this video… I was graced with such stimulating and relaxing activities to engage in, while in the most beautiful setting I could have hoped for. I’m grateful to have the video to be reminded of this magical place and feel like the landscape captured the vibe of the song perfectly. I shall return,” he said.

“The track is a tropical pop gem, evoking images of summer adventures with its sing-a-long hook and infectious instrumentation.” – Pages Digital

“The Wild Life” is their spunky single with hands-on percussion and Vasoli in the forefront, per usual. Shed your pop-punk expectations; he’s a smooth operator of tranquil melodies these days.” – Alt Media

“Single The Wild Life is easily the best song on this album. It remains rhythmically similar to many others, but there’s something different about it. It woke me from my sun-induced trance and made me wanna dance.” – Scene Wave

‘Relief’ is out digitally in Australia and New Zealand, now via Create/Control | Downtown. | |