Ne Obliviscaris Re-Releasing Long Sold Out EP’s – Across The Ocean

Ne Obliviscaris Re-Releasing Long Sold Out EP’s

Yes that’s right, Australia’s symphonic metal ambassadors Ne Obliviscaris are giving away FREE digital copies (wav files, artwork & lyrics included) of their two long sold out & ultra limited 2014 crowd funding EP’s.

All you have to do is become a member of The Ne Obluminati via for as little as $1 a month!

Ne Obliviscaris are aiming to become the first band in history to crowd fund a full time wage and today they have just announced a membership drive that will run until the end of February with the aim to hit their $15,000USD target and help them finally turn NeO into a full time profession and enable them to keep making music and touring long into the future.

Anyone who signs up before the end of February will receive:

$1+ a month:
* Sarabande To Nihil EP (Digital Wav Files & Booklet – including LYRICS (never been released until now!)

$5+ per month BOTH:
* Sarabande To Nihil EP (Digital Wav Files & Booklet – including LYRICS (never been released until now!)
* Hiraeth EP (Digital Wav Files & Booklet – including LYRICS which have never been released until now!)

Plus, you also get a host of additional content based on what level you sign up for including;
live chats with the bands, interviews, tutorials, merch discounts, behind the scenes videos, VIP access at shows, songwriting updates, exclusive demo’s of new songs before anyone else in the world & more.

“It takes 2 minutes to sign up. No lock in contracts. No long term commitment. You can change your pledge up & down month to month as your personal finances permit.
All we are asking is that if you love our music, get involved, pledge via Patreon, get loads of stuff from us in return and help us make our dream of doing this band for a living a reality!”

These EP’s feature re-recorded tracks from our early years and the Portal of I era. They initially sold out in days back in 2014 and have been 100% unavailable in any format since then.

There are no plans to release these in any other format. This pledge drive is the only chance to hear these very special recordings!


Citadel was released via Season Of Mist and is available in Australia from