Bloodstepp New Album In 2017 – Across The Ocean

Bloodstepp New Album In 2017

Australian electronic hip hop producer Bloodstepp will release his forthcoming new album, Killer Bass From Outer Space in 2017.


The first single from the album is Warlox and features a three-way match up between Bloodstepp, legendary rap/rock vocalist, MCUD Jahred Gomes of Hed Pe and Australian metal vocalist, Chris Rand from Segression.

This combination yields a song as unique as the individuals who have created this hooky little beast.

Bloodstepp fuse Dubstep, Trap, Electronica, Rap, Hip Hop, Horrorcore, and Metal into a melting pot of monstrous groove.

He has worked with legends in the underground scene and won 2013 underground album of the year.

He is also a ‘ghetto platinum’ selling artist having sold 1000 or more copies.

Warlox will be released on December 13 and pre orders are available now