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Remember the name because this Aussie act is doing some great things at the moment as they take to the Canadians on a massive tour over there. In the back of the tour van lead vocalist Leon Harrison bangs out a quick Q&A for Across The Ocean talking about their success in Canada as well as dropping a hint for an Australian tour early next year.


How is the tour going so far?

It’s been great, we love getting out and playing live so touring is always good fun.

Have any particular shows thrown up a few surprises that you weren’t expecting?

Besides the same old shenanigans like crowd surfing, nudity and whiskeys on the bar, not a lot of surprises really, just good fucking times!

The band has spent quite a bit of time in Canada and with more shows planned there must be exciting to consolidate the momentum there?

It’s very cool. Canada has an excellent rock scene supported by loads of radio across the country. It’s nice to see the band slot into a market and really grow.

Is this the gateway for the band to break in to the US?

Right now Canada is our focus along with Europe in 2016 but of course it’s a lot closer to the US than here so yes it’s defiantly an advantage.

What do you put it down to for Canadians getting in to The Lazys?

I think automatically as Australians we stand out but I genuinely think that Canada from East to West just love rock n roll and were proving to them we can jive with the best of ‘em.

Are you planning an Australian tour in the summer? Maybe Adelaide?

Next year will be our next tour and if the timing is right and the momentum is there, of course we will come!

Black Rebel” is a great single – is there a story behind this single?

It was a song that Ian D’Sa from Billy Talent and myself wrote over Skype. It’s basically about a person getting ‘shut down all the time’ by whatever life throws at them. The Black Rebel reference is about this person finding their inner devil and breaking free from all the bullshit, whatever that may be.

Was the process of writing and recording challenging as you thought?

Ian’s a pro and expected the same from us. Needless to say we worked very hard from start to finish on this track. From the word go on Skype we spent hours upon hours every day writing the tune and gave the same effort when tracking in the studio.

Was there anything that you learned that you would do differently next time? 

Music is always about learning and new experiences. I wouldn’t do anything differently but I’d expect to have grown and be even better next time around.

Has there been much thought given to a follow up album?

Of course. We have some big names in the mix of which have done man amazing records. It’s pretty exciting but right now we’re focusing on touring and writing.

What would you say were the main influences for this album?

Passion for melody, drive for rhythm and overall need for anthemic choruses that crowds around the world can’t help but sing.

Did you ever think you would have your own brand of pale ale?

It’s always been something the band wanted to do but to actually hold the bottle and get drunk from your own beer, what a dream come true haha.

How did that come about?

Our manager new the brewer at shark island brewery and after discussion agreed to come on board.

How exciting was it to receive the vinyl copies of the album?

It’s pretty cool. It’s got a real old school tone which makes me super excited to spin it. Kinda like the old AC/DC records which is kick arse!

Do you reckon it sounds even better on vinyl?

Like I said above it just sounds more old school which some of our tracks suit so nicely.

Have you kept a few copies to sell on eBay when The Lazys become super massive?

Yep sure why not.

What’s the plan for the rest of the year heading in to summer?

We jet to a very cold Canada November 10th for a thirty date tour with our mates One Bad Son. After Christmas we are working on a pretty cool run of shows with potentially another Canadian act who was here in the middle of the year.

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