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Melbourne’s indie electo-pop outfit The Hiding are celebrating the release of their new single and film clip Karma My Life.


The clip features the stunning construction of a work of sand art by the renowned artist Fatmir Mura, and reflects the inspirational, soulful nature of this catchy tune. This band is on the verge of something big and there is some excitement about this band as they have played some shows around Melbourne gaining more and more attention each time. Anthony Salce from the band takes part in a quick Q&A with Across The Ocean to talk about the new single.

Is it an exciting time building up to the release of the single Karma My LifeYes! It was so much fun getting the clip/artwork organised and new percussive style of writing.

What inspired the song?

Leaving my comfort zone, and learning all about the positive change in my life I was soon to encounter.  I felt down, I was blaming bad luck – my rainbow ain’t got no pot of gold, walk under ladders feeling all the back luck.  It was a lyric written to express that.  

How involved was the band in the film clip?

Only Anthony, the writer.  It was a big story about his journey and has a real close-to-the-heart way he wanted it done, so we let him tackle it all. When he found Fatmir, he was thrilled to have such a talented artist be a part of the story.

Can you believe how much work goes in to a film clip?

It’s huge.  Coordinating everyone, editing, syncing, creating a concept, budgeting.  That’s why we also wanted a single art form model, to limit too many peoples’ involvement.

Interesting band name, how did that come about? Is there a hidden meaning? We went into hibernation whilst crafting our new sound.  When we were searching for names, we wanted a name that you couldn’t tell the genre by reading it.  Seeing as we were in ‘hiding’, we went with that.

How did The Hiding get together?

Schoolmates and students from Box Hill TAFE all came together.  Then a few auditions from referrals over the years for guest vocalists, etc.

How would you describe the band’s sound?  

It’s evolving, so I would say EDM pop with acoustic influences. 

Are there any significant influences that the band share?

Stewart Winchester (guest vocalist and part of The Hiding live crew) likes soul, Ryan is very Chili Peppers, and everyone else is pretty open.  At the moment Anthony likes local act Godwolf and Gang of Youths.

How is work progressing on your debut album?  

Going great, we have a few TV shows on the cards, loads of independent radio stations.  We are very happy to date.  We would love the clip to go viral and are hopeful. 

Is it a challenging process?  

Very. We are in the hands of so many tastemakers that can launch us.  We spend so much time trying to write that hit.  All we want are the teams that can expose us to an audience that can benefit from our music.  It sounds easy but its one of the hardest things to do.

What comes first? The lyrics? The Music?

Typically for me now it’s lyrics or an idea for lyrics.

What has been the biggest lesson learnt so far?

Don’t over complicate things.  It’s all about the song – don’t hide behind production, get the song right first.

Are you looking to tour more extensively around Australia?

Would love to! We would love a stadium show in OZ, it would be a dream come true.

What can punters expect from your show?

Fun, energetic and also a pretty chill vibe!

What’s the plan from here? 

We want to release two more singles and one more clip.  Then a few shows and make our way to Byron Bay!

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