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IN HEARTS WAKE will be flying the Australian flag proudly at Soundwave 2014. 2013 was a massive year for the band. Already they have toured with the likes of Enter Shikari, Parkway Drive and Northlane not forgetting the massive UK tour with The Amity Affliction. Throw in the Divination album release August last year to top things off. There is a lot to forward to from INHEARTSWAKE this year as Jake Taylor explains.


As a band that looks set to conquer the world have you set any New Year resolutions or goals to achieve this in 2014?

Good question, um, we’d like to get a new album is one and not to rush it but really solidify what the band is about, which is of value out to the world. 2014 happens to be the year of the horse not that I’m superstitious or anything like that but we’re all horses and we feel that it’s our year. It’s a seven year in numerology so it has a lot of magic so it is going to be a big one.

Was there a feeling of wow, we did that looking back at 2013 with some massive tours undertaken?

When you reflect on the past achievements it really does feel like wow. As its happening you take it as it comes and try not to get big headed about if you know what I mean. Essentially you don’t expect it but you downplay it if that makes sense.

Does it make it hard wanting to be ambitious but on the same hand being realistic as well?

It definitely is hard balancing all that up especially the way that the economy works in every business. We focus on doing things in progressions and there are times where we do need to recharge the batteries and reflect. Saying things like wow, we did that is important and last year to me felt like a development year, a building year where now at the platform and the pinnacle of where we’ll be at is Soundwave. Where we take it from that platform I feel is that we will do the right things and that comes from a good place. Hopefully everyone is on board. It does become a rollercoaster but we’re switched on and ready to roll with it.

The upcoming tour which includes regional Australia sounds exciting?

Yeah, it starts at five am tomorrow. There’s twenty two dates across Australia where we’ll be hitting some desert tumbleweed towns I guess you call them. I think that will be great experience. We have done this thing before but there are a few new towns on this tour and they are the best memories usually unexpected and spontaneous. The people are very grateful to have you because they don’t get many events so it is win-win.

Is this tour coming u a mix of everything from the discography so far?

There are some new songs but not new-new but ones we haven’t played before from Divination and a few old ones as well as Skydancer. There will be a whole bunch of variety to play.

Sounds like a great warm up to lead in to Soundwave?

It is perfect timing! It is really great to be doing this and we really can’t wait for this. I’m not sure how it all came about and definitely something we weren’t going to haggle over. Our manager has worked with AJ before and he wanted us to play which is awesome and really grateful for the opportunity to be one of the four bands representing Australia. It’s a huge honour being one of the newer bands is really cool. We’ll do Australia proud as best we can!

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement as Soundwave starts to get closer?

We’re not one of those bands that got big over night as we’ve really grown from nothing. We have done everything ourselves so it feels like we don’t really get carried away with that stuff in the past playing big festivals. There was the big arena tour with Amity Affliction and the way we prepare is to downplay it. I don’t want to think of it as this massive thing and when we’re on stage we want to have lots of fun, which becomes a part of the whole experience. It’s more of a responsibility and being a job you have to do.

Travelling and staying with all the bands will make it feel real won’t it?

I think it will dawn on the eve of it and that will start to come in to it. I think we’ll all be nervous as hell before every show when we go on stage without a doubt. Once that job is done you can start to have fun at the festival once you get the first one out.

Are there any bands on the bill that really excite you?

Korn! I’d really love to see Korn, they’re unique and I’m keen to see what sort of performance they can bring. From what I’ve heard people have said they’re good so they won’t let us down. Chester playing with Stone Temple Pilots would be cool to see as well because he’s such a performer. I love Linkin Park so I will always be a fan of Chester.

Is there a new album in the works for release this year?

It’s in the early stages and we’ve done some things here and there. The Skydancer campaign single and tour has been our focus the last few months and before that it was getting Divination out there. After these two big months I’m hoping we’ll be able to find the time to really put our attention to that.

Do you think there will be much change sonically?

I think it will for sure, it still will be INHEARTSWAKE but a lot more dynamic and a lot more polished. We’re a lot more confident about what we do, personally in terms of our own skills, and in saying that we’re going to be bolder and try riskier moves and different parts as well as enjoy what we do. If we’re not enjoying it will be like what’s the point? We’re not going to trip out and do some 70s record but we’re going to write stuff we want to hear. The band sounds different than what we did three years ago, it will different but INHEARTSWAKE. I guess it’s like having your favourite meal steak and vegetables. You can’t have it every night of the week as you would have to change it up. Weird analogy but we’ll be bringing all sorts of ideas to the table. It will still be the same five people and our voices.


Catch INHEARTSWAKE on The Skydancer Tour and at Soundwave right around the country.

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