Advertising – Across The Ocean


There are 4 advertising spaces available on Across The Ocean, all of which are banner ad spaces.

They are separated into two categories:

Category 1 – “Top Shelf

These ad spaces remains constant on every page of the site, no matter where the user clicks.

There are two Top Shelf ad spaces available:

The “Leaderboard” ad space (to the right of the ATO logo at the top of the front page) remains locked to the top of the page as the user scrolls while the two “Side Bar” ad spaces scroll vertically with the user. Please note, the two Side Bar ad spaces are sold together as one.

Category 2 – “Second Shelf

These ad spaces are visible when the user is on the homepage only, and do not populate throughout the site any further.

There are two Second Shelf advertising options:

1. “MREC” – The ad space on the right hand side of the front page of the website directly to the right of the “Latest News” feed.
2. “Skyscraper” – The vertical ad space in the middle of the front page of the website directly under the “Latest News” feed.

Download our advertising guidelines/requirements PDF here.
To book your space please email: